Boost the workout, kill the rest

A year ago I would´ve been laughing and shaking my head about poeple who are using any kind of energy supplements for the workouts. That especially counted for those energy boosters giving you more strength and endurance during your workout – I never understood why someone would need or use it.

And then at ome point I had a phase where I was exhausted but still wanted to be working out at gym and needed energy – so I ordered a booster and tried it. And I love the way it makes me energetic and active and everything. So good.

And I simply ignored the possible side effects – I wasn´t sleeping properly anymore during nights that followed on my workout, insomnia at its best – and I had no idea why that was happening. I was blaming it on simply being stressed out or having had enough sleep anyways, so no big deal.

Then I started tracking my heartrate and was a bit surprised that it was higher than usual – not really making any connection. I simply thought I was out of shape, having a bad day or anything like this.

And then came the day of the MudMasters run where my heart rate didn´t want to go down anymore even when I had been resting in the ambulance. That was the wake-up moment for me, really. From then on I used the booster and really watched how I felt and how everything had been different to the “normal” me – the higher heart rate, the heart rate that hardly calmed down after having worked out, the insomnia always only on days when I had been using the booster…

So from the initial dose of the booster I went down to 50% of it and now am down to around 25% of what they say on the box how much to be using. And that is okay – but I can only encourage everyone to have a close eye on how the body reacts onto such things. It can be dangerous, depending on how well your body is doing.

And no, I am not as such saying that boosters are bad – I just have a not fully positive experince with those so far, that´s why I encourage everyone to think about how they use it – just as I would advise with energy drinks, caffeine pills and what not.