A bit about this and that

This blog entry will be probably a bit of everything – usually I have my headline ready and then fill it up with content, you know – this syndrom of always needing to structure everything, plan everything and have it in the own hands.

Today I will be just writing about whatever comes to my mind, now that I returned from my very first run after my break. Well, actually I am still on that annoying break but when I saw it had snowed, I had to get into my running shoes and give in to it. And I didn´t regret it, though the brain said it´s been a probaby really stupid idea – snow, maybe slippery and then going for a run. But my mind was happy in the end, and that´s what counts. Soon physiotherapy again – and though I love my physiotherapist, it really starts to be annoying as it kills two evenings a week. I could really think of something nicer than this – like a lazy evening of not doing anything at all or so.

Simply because my half-marathon training has really eaten all of my free time and no matter how much gym and everything makes me feel good and clears m mind, the times where I am simply annoyed about it all and would like to ditch it all. I am simply not used to really devoting that much time to training up to a certain event, it´s something totally new for me. And besides that physical aspect, I really got to know me better, body wise and especially mind wise. And I learnt how much the mind plays a role in all of this – in good and bad times, on good and bad days. And I am surprised I can be so full of discipline, never would´ve guessed that. But yeah, I am happy when I have finished my half marathon and have less pressure for going to workouts and for runs..

But well, until this is gonan be the case, a lot of other things are coming up…Versengold concert in Bremen coming weekend, the weekend after it´s Versengold in Leipzig and at the start of March Apocalyptica in Glasgow. And what I am also really looking forward to is my vacations in Abu Dhabi – though everything feels so far away and whilst I am planning so much at work, for my private life I really suck at planning and arranging right t the moment. Maybe I used all my energy for work and gym that my brain simply says no afterwards. All my discpline is used up once I am home hahahaa

Same goes for being social – I guess I never needed that much time to myself like I need it right now. Okay, I don´t have much time anyways, but when I do, I like to be alone – with TV, with computer games, music or my books. Just not being social – even though I like my friends, I simply don´t have the power to socialize xD And that´s what most of my friends at least understand, luckily. Still, I feel guilty about being so unsocial but I cannot change it at the moment somehow. Also I am still searching for the excitement for all my concerts trips – usually I was all excited in advance but now it is rather like “okay, I am going to a show…and actually I am too lazy to travel”. I have no idea what happened to me hahaha I have become such a boing person…but once I am there, I will be all happy and enjoying it, even though I really have been becoming calmer and less outgoing. But that´s totally fine ^^