Inspire me!

Lately people asked me, if – now that I workout and run so much – if I had any role models. I must have one they said. And so I actually sat down for a while to think about it and: no, I do not have a role model.

BUT: I have runners that do inspire me. For zillions of different reasons that partially are even hard to put into words. And the funfact right at the start: those people I actually just found via Instagram and later figured out that they´re not all unknown in the end.

And that´s already the first point that makes them special: they´re approachable, they don´t look down on you, they reply to comments, they´re eager to help fellow runners and they share a lot about their runs and what not.

I know, I know, you read until here to hear names. Would be too easy and nice from me to already give them, right?

My first inspiration is a German long-distance runner, who was German Champion over 5000m and 10.000m and even was European Champion in 2006 over the 10k distance. And here you go with the name: Jan Fitschen!
I am closely following him on Instagram, and he´s a great motivation for me with all of his posts and everything. The way he acts, down to earth…honest and just normal. And I LOVE when he is giving his tips in e.g. his stories and such. It´s really helping me, because I am really at my beginnings. With my knowledge and everything – all I have is google because I don´t feel like joining a club or team (yet) and simply don´t have the money to go for a coach right here or anything like that. In all ups and downs, always a good portion of motivation is to be found in his posts! And that´s just what I need in my half-marathin preparation time!
I would SO love to meet him…that would totally boost my motivation…

The second runner that is inspiring me is also German, and is a long distance and ultra distance runner. Maybe some of you know #runwiththeflow or have read it somewhere already. And the name is: Florian Neuschwander!
He is also someone I got to know thanks to Instagram– and he is someone who is a funny and entertaining guy, and inspiring through the stuff he does and the distances he just easily seems to be running. I really cannot exactly tell why he is inspiring to me, he simply is. And makes me wish I was able to run just in the same surrpundings where he is runing…so jealous!