Hello, Bremen! (10.02.2018)

It´s funny that so far I had only seen the main station, the airport and the soccer stadium in Bremen. I noticed that when I was planning this little trip in order to see Versengold play in Bremen. So I kinda listed a few things I wanted to see, booked my car and then started the trip at 9am in the morning, in icy temperatures. And being somehow not in the mood for driving and walking around but still – I did it!

And those temperatures really killed me later on – because the closer I had come to Bremen, the less sun I was seeing. In Hamburg and on my way to Bremen I still needed my sunglasses whilst driving, in Bremen itself the sky was just all grey. And still it was cold.

I was happy I found a parking spot close to Schnoor, the oldest part of the city – but 4 Euros for 2h parking at a parking lot right next to the street was too much for my taste, but no chance to get it cheaper anywhere close by.

So I started walking and walking and whilst I started with chec

king out the Schnoor area, I continue with the cathedral and afterwards literally asked google for interesting sightseeing stuff close by and how hilarious routes I walked you can see on the screenshot 😉

It was nice, because I love looking at old buildings, but especially at Schnoor it was too crowded for myself – I really don´t know at which time it would be empty and proper for photographing.

But I always had people in my shots, but still it was fun. But cold. Really cold. Too cold maybe. My legs were halfway freezing and I was happily driving to the venue – in the warm car.

But there it was no bit warmer of course, no surprise. Why should it. Except the fact the venue was in an area

where I would not want to live to be fully honest. And it was funny seeing the police station right next to the venue – at first I was really worried when I saw police cars and police men going for the venue (that´s what I thought) – just later I noticed it was all harmless hahaha

And parking in that parking house was no bit cheaper than in the centre – okay, it was but still I paid nearly 10€ for the time I have been parking there. Ah well, shit happens. At least it was warmer in the parking house than it had been outside – and it didn´t matter anymore how you tried to warm up during waiting xD

The concert istself – check out the last post before this one 😉

Last but not least – here is the GALLERY for the shots I took in Bremen city centre:

Here you can check out all photos: