A little health update

Hey guys,

sorry that it´s been that quiet lately for soon a week – but since Sunday I am pretty much all struck down thanks to a flu that I probably already had caught in Bremen at the concert. The week that followed on after the show was already tricky, that Thursday last week I felt really bad and on Friday I had stayed at home and did home office already simply because I didn´t have the power to go to the office.

The last weekend did not make it any better, and a visit at the doctor´s showed what I had feared – that all my symptoms, the fever, the aching joints, the weakness, the “i am sleeping all day”, belonged to the flu and I was able to do was rest.

And that´s what I did – I hardly moved out of bed, and the way from bed to couch was already feeling like a marathon at times. I slept up to 18h a day, and now I am slowly getting better. Baby steps, really.

Today my doctor said that from tomorrow on it´s supposedly getting better because I am halfway over the time it usually takes to get over it – well I really hope she is right, because this exhaustion and dizziness and weakness and everything is really killing me. I´ve never been the healthiest person but this really kicks my ass right now.

So yeah, I am off to bed now again and sleep yet another round!