Concert: Versengold – Nacht der Balladen (Leipzig, 17.02.2018)

So, second show of this mini-tour, as I already have been to Bremen to see this show – this night of ballads, magic, melancholy and big feelings. One should think, that it´s getting less emotional, less touching if you see the same set a second time. But one thing I can tell you right away: not less, but it becomes different.

But let´s start from where you gotta start – the venue. A church. And what a church from the outside – when I walked by for the first time, I was really surprised how big it looked and also from the inside it was big. But unfortunately less beautiful – it really needs a big amount of renovation, unfortunately. You didn´t see much of it furing the show, but nevertheless it was disappointing.

Disappointing was also how people acted when doors opened – whilst in Bremen people queued like normal grown ups, this doors open was madness because people who did not bother to queue early enough were squeezing in and what not. And I am not sorry if any of these people caught one or two of

my ellbows. I´d been there since 16:15, and if you got no will to come early, don´t expect others to tolerate your asshole behaviour. I was really pissed off, but in the end got still a sweet spot in the first row again. And right where I wanted to pretty much. But still I was annoyed, and I was freezing inside – my fever didn´t quite help, but even without I think it´s been rather cold.  It got warmer during the show, but still – mostly I was freezing.

And then the show…some songs had become more emotional, some less emotional and some have changed…
“Schnee fällt” has probably been the song that had become so much more emotional and I cannot tell why – but it broke me into pieces.

“Herz durch die Wand” is more and more becoming a song that means loads to me – when I heard it live last year for the first time I fell in love, but this “connection” to the song is becoming stronger and stronger. A lot stronger.

“Tjark Evers” – I am still in love with this song, and it´s still emotional but it has changed – it´s still intense and I suck up every second. But it´s not tearing me up anymore. Okay, a little, still. Especially because the sound of the church just made the song sound even more powerful than at a normal venue with average acoustics. I really do hope they will play it now and then even outside of this tour…

What was really odd was that during “Biikebrennen” you weren´t even allowed to properly dance – yeah you were allowed to “dance” right in front of your chair, but not a metre away from it. Totally off, really.

I am still not a 100% convinced about the performances of the female singer they had with them – some things still feel really off and she cannot hold higher tunes and it feels forced. Maybe it´s also a problem of comparing the CD versions with a different singer to her now and in a live setting. But anyways, I would´ve wished for someone else to be there as a singer at least in 30% of the songs with female vocals. I am not sure what to think about it. Sweet girl that could use some more vocal lessons…I think that sums it up rather well.

Anyways- I had a fun time, at times I felt dizzy and my fever made it here and there good that it was a seated show. Because standing all the time would have not worked for me at all – I really have to be realistic there.


Now looking forward to the next versengold show in April – this time with the “Funkenflug” tour again, and a rocking show!