Review: Hotel am Bayrischen Platz – Leipzig

I am always hesitant to book hotels, because I did have some bad experiences (e.g. in Paris) – so the website has become THE platform for me to choose my hotels.

And this time it´s been one that has been unusual expensive, usually I try to go for something cheaper but because I had been searching for something rather close to the venue in Leipzig where Versengold had been playing.

And I found this hotel, just 5min of walking away and close to tram and train station. Couldn´t be any better, so the 79€ that I paid were still a lot but it was the best choice around. Quick to reach from main station, quick to reach some sights close by and some smaller stores and restaurants also around. Nothing else that you would need, specially not if you´re just staying for a night. Location wise for me a jackpot!

The check-in is at around 2pm, which for my taste is kinda late, 1pm would be nicer

though – but at least I was able to drop off my luggage at the hotel before and then wander around, and get my room keys even a tad before 2pm.


When going up to my room it smelled a lot like new paint – and so it did in my room at first. opening the window for a while quickly solved the problem, but it had made me skeptic at first – but that quickly faded.

The room looked really new and modern, and extremely clean. The bathroom had just the right size, only the fact that the toilet was so close to the door that it was a bit uncomfy was a downside. The rest was just really good, comfy towels, good light, nice mirror, nice and big shower.

The room itself was not too big, but had all you needed – a little wardrobe, a desk with TV and a chair and a single bed. And this bed – I thought at first the mattress would be too stiff but I totally fell in love with it. So good to sleep on, my back really appreciated the mattress and the pillows. Only thing – maybe caused by me not being all fit – the blanket could´ve been thicker and warmer for my taste.

I am, though, not a fan of carpet flooring – that´s maybe the biggest downside of the room. Because even though my window halfway went to the street side, you hardly heard a thing when it was closed. And that really did impress me – I had forgotten my earplugs and had been worried, for nothing pretty much.

The next morning, the breakfast was okay. The breakfast room was big, and at early hour it was hardly anyone around, so you still had some space. Choice of bread and such was good, same for cold meat and cheese and such. Downside was the not cold-put milk that kinda kept me from eating some cereals. But I was full anyways, so all good. but for this price that you paid – well, I am not sure if it was just enough.

Last but not least – really nice staff, nothing to complain about.

That´s also why this hotel would clearly be a recommendation from my side!