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“You never go and buy food with us”

…during lunchtime at work probably the sentence I have heard the most during my now soon more than 7 months there. It´s not meant in an un-nice way, but if you don´t know me well enough, it´s maybe hard to … Continue reading

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Run: Wandsetaler Runde – 10km (25.03.2018)

Just on Friday I got to know there was a run really close by, going through all of the areas where I also here and there do my runs during weekdays. So it´s been full of nature, and that´s something … Continue reading

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…or: how expensive it is to simply go swimming as alternative training. So yes, in between all of my running, I have my rest days – and the days where I need some alternative training, it was only gym so … Continue reading

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Welcome Robo!

Who the fuck is Robo? Rather: What the fuck is Robo! Robo is the outcome what a woman buys when she is grown up. It´s a vacuum-cleaning robot that crawls around the floor and cleans your apartment whilst you can … Continue reading

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Half Marathon – Training Weeks 18-23

3,5 months left until my half marathon, at least in my plans. So yeah, I haven´t exactl been blogging about progress and my doings lately because the last weeks were mentally not really that easy, even though working out and … Continue reading

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Hotel: Newton Hotel – Glasgow

Better late than never – and the waiting didn´t really base on me being insecure if I liked it or not, I can happily state that I reall felt well at the hotel – and that even though that when … Continue reading

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When Glasgow drowns in snow (02.-04.03.2018)

You know, sometimes you gotta take things with humor – now I can do it, but back then last week I couldn´t really. Thursday Only by accident (aka a comment on facebook) I figured that Glasgow drowned in snow – … Continue reading

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Concert: Apocalyptica – Glasgow – 03.03.2018

Well, Glasgow. Apocalyptica. Me. Kinda hilarious, how I am always in the UK just for Apocalyptica. And not for normal holidays. But well, that´s my life, pure madness. So when I walked to the stores and turned aorund the corner … Continue reading

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Down and up again!

Sometimes a lot can happen within like 2days of time. I just recently (aka this week) noticed exactly this. And it´s crazy how sometimes luck plays right into your cards! It started with the “down” – it´s been one I … Continue reading

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