Down and up again!

Sometimes a lot can happen within like 2days of time. I just recently (aka this week) noticed exactly this. And it´s crazy how sometimes luck plays right into your cards!

It started with the “down” – it´s been one I expected but still. I had applied to be an Asics frontrunner and of course was rejected. Why of course?

Because I am not the perfect slim person that either has a zillion of followers on Social Media, nor am someone who runs a marathon every week or takes photos of myself when running or even drags around a photographer to take these shots. When I run, I run. And don´t act like a poser for social media bullshit.

And: why take someone and give everyone else the chance to see how you can develop and that everything is possible if you just really want it and work hard for it. Nah, take someone where everything just looks so easy…
And at first I really had thought about applying again next year, but after seeing who was chosen and how they seemingly base their decision – not even gonna make the effort to fill in that form again and try and make them understand why I would be a good choice.  If I have to be either of those kinds of persons, then I happy stay as I am and won´t be a frontrunner. xD

And then…sometimes in life things happen for a reason I still believe. And this case has proven it right again. I had taken the 13th of April off from work last year.

Reason? I have no damned idea. And I noticed that and was like “wait, isn´t on that weekend a nyckelharpa course in southern germany?”.

I checked and…yes. From that friday to the sunday then, there is that course. And even before my brain was able to react, my heart had made a decision.

And even though it´s again quite some money, I booked it – after some hesitation, a lot of train checking and comparing and worrying and wondering. Because I finally want to check it out, want to learn this instrument, do my first steps with it.

I waited for this for so damned long. And I simply had to take that chance. It´s crazy how quickly things from frustration about not being able to attend any course this year switched to a course in April…

This shows how fast sunshine can come after rain 😀