Concert: Apocalyptica – Glasgow – 03.03.2018

Well, Glasgow. Apocalyptica. Me. Kinda hilarious, how I am always in the UK just for Apocalyptica. And not for normal holidays. But well, that´s my life, pure madness.

So when I walked to the stores and turned aorund the corner from my hotel, I kinda ran into the band´s tourbus that had no chance to be parking ight next to the venue so they took that side-street. It was funny, really. At the same time annoying because I always had to walk past the bus no matter where I had been walking.

Later on, and later than usual, I met up with my instagram friend (we had met before, but meeting in terms of queueing) and then successfully queued on the wrong side – they had formed two queues, one for those that paid for the meet and greet, and one for the “normal” fans.

We noticed rather early though and switched to the right queue but I was already pissed – if I travel that far, I wanna stand frontrow. Always. No second row, nothing. So when entering (security checks, nice joke!), I used my fitness and passed by quite a few people on the staircase up – focus, and sprint! And in the end I was standing where I wanted to be standing. Perfect spot. And then noticed together: it´s not warm! It´s damned cold!

It´s nowhere near warm. It´s just what feels a bit warmer than it had been outside where you were freezing. And, spoiler: it didn´t get any warmer during the show.

The show itself…it felt like coming home. It felt like dropping all weight, being myself, not afraid to show emotions, not needing to be strong. Because those that saw me being not strong mostly I didn´t know and the others know me well enough to not need to hide anything. I cried my eyes out again during “Nothing else matters”, guess it´s the pain I gotta have to take onto me if I wanna keep attending their shows. Survived the past 13 years, will survive another amount of years, too 😉

The show rocked, though the first half of the set really felt better when being seated, the second part was better whilst standing. So mixed feeling about this standing show versus the seated shows of the tour that I had already attended.

The band had fun again on stage, clearly visible as always – and it´s been good to see them again, really. And it´s been good to see Antero again, and maybe for a last time as I suppose he won´t be with the band once this tour is finding its end. It sucks, and my heart bleeds because of that, as he´s been a great inspiration and it´s been good to have him back! I guess I am back on the drug called Apocalyptica…hopefully will see them soon again!

After the show, back in the cold and we waited a bit for the band as I usually do it…won´t be sharing more publicly, because I have some privacy aswell.
No need to brag or whatsoever, only thing to say: it´s been a great concert evening!

Topped off and calming down a bit then at my mate´s hotel bar, chatting, reflecting, having a relaxed end to this day and evening!