When Glasgow drowns in snow (02.-04.03.2018)

You know, sometimes you gotta take things with humor – now I can do it, but back then last week I couldn´t really.


Only by accident (aka a comment on facebook) I figured that Glasgow drowned in snow – airport closed, total chaos, world´s end scenarios wherever I have been reading about the city. And that´s the news that I had when I was just coming home after a stressful day at work, being all stressed also about my coming trip then. I was going totally crazy, I was in between an anger attack and breaking down crying because I so needed this trip. The information was that at some point the airport would publish some more information about the next day and the waiting seemed forever. So I panicked more and more, and it still didn´t get much better when they said that most likely they will open the airport again in the morning and so m flight would be going…


3am getting up, 4am taking the bus, 5am at the airport for flight number one from Hamburg to Düsseldorf. Checkin was smooth, security control was smooth as always – and I again had too much time to wait at the gate once again. On one hand I enjoy watching people, but not that early in the morning as I am really no morning person at all. Never have been, never will be. The flight was good, noone sitting next to me – but I always had that worry that I might be stuck in Düsseldorf if Glasgow airport decided it couldn´t make it in the end to open up the airport again. But all of my worries did not come true throughout the waiting time.

With an hour delay my plane took off – in a small machine, that felt like a ball in the wind, bouncing around…and clearly, the landing was one of a kind – I was really close to throwing up, not nice at all. And then taking a look outside I wondered where this snow chaos was, where all the massive snow was, if it had magically disappeared. It was just nowhere to be seen at all. Yes, a normal amount of snow matching the general weather situation in Europe of course, nothing special though.

And also I got easily to the centre, streets were cleared, nothing left from this massive chaos. Just the price for the bus – jesus. That was a bit much to say the least. Finding the hotel was easy thanks to Google Maps, and the welcome was warm at the hotel – but more on the hotel in a different post 😉

So after some resting and some grocery shopping I started my sightseeing as my plan was to see as much as possible of the stuff planned on Friday to be able to relax and rest on Saturday until the gig started and that worked out really well. I personally liked Glasgow a lot, nice people, and I love all these old buildings. And the Universit of Glasgow made me want to go and study again – so beautiful, and it looks like a Cathedral from afar.  Talking about the cathedral though – it was closed. So frustrating, because I so so so wanted to see it from the inside, but the necropolis close by made up for it. Rarely any people, only the wind and your shoes in the snow making the noises…it felt haunted at times, but I enjoyed the silence, the atmosphere…It was just too big to see it in full though, maybe I gotta return for that some day 😀

I checked out around 85% of the things I wanted to check out, and at some point gave up because walking in the snow on the uncleared paths just really got me. My legs hurt, my full body ended up aching and I was just aching as a whole. So I just grabbed some water at a not-center store (there you did not get anything canned and no water anymore) and then went to my hotel room. Hot shower, some food, resting. And you canot imagine how fast I feel asleep!


I woke up, all exhausted still, freezing for no reason and even the breakfast (I am not used to this way of breakfast, really, though it´s good) didn´t exactly bring me back to life.  It just made me feel stomach sick and all tired again after being up for an hour. I nevertheless went to the store to get me some blister stuff, and on the way slipped and fell. So I also directly bought some tape for my foot. Well, that´s my luck.

Late ron I picked up my mate (had met her on Instagram) at the bus station and we did have a nice time having lunch and chatting before she went off to do some sightseeing and I went off to return to bed again xD

Later we met to start queuing …and then the show and afterwards had a drink still before I dropped into bed totally exhausted and quite braindead xD


Blisters on my feet, a cranky voice, a grumpy face. The muddy rests if what once had been snow really made the walk to the bus stop torture – especially because I was dead tired though I think my night could´ve been shorter and far worse. Not even the Coca Cola helped though I downed it liks there was no tomorrow because I had to go through the security checks…and boom, again waaaaay to early. Even worse than on the way to Glasgow. At least I found a damned power socket.

Put on music, zoomed out, bye bye reality until I had to board. Again noone next to me, I could totally get used to that. Nothing is worse than having annoying people next to you, so…basically I slept most of the flight again, I was just emotionally and physically worn out.

The waiting tim in Düsseldor wa sthen really annoying, I was hungry but not willing to spend money, and somehow everything was just annoying as hell. Especially that there was a delay and all I wanted was food, a hot bath and my goddamned bed.

And man, why did I have to have some odd smelling guys next to me on this flight? Was really making everything worse, and I just wanted to freak out…luckily the flight was rather short, and no words about how happy I was to be out of there, hop onto the train and get home…