Hotel: Newton Hotel – Glasgow

Better late than never – and the waiting didn´t really base on me being insecure if I liked it or not, I can happily state that I reall felt well at the hotel – and that even though that when I walked there, it did not look too inviting. I knew about its looks from the outside thanks to a certain search machine, but still. Welcoming is different.

But already the person checking me in made me forget that all – a nice charming lad, having a good chat and laugh about the chaos in Glasgow and how he had been pretty much alone from the staff the day before as noone made it to work. And a pluspoint: I was able to get into my room before the noted time. And I was so relieved, because all I needed was a short nap!

So I quickly walked downstairs, into my souterrain hotel room – and on the first look, I was relieved how cozy it all looked. I dropped my things and hopped onto the bed and…I felt like I really did not want to ever get up again. That hotel bed was just so cozy, m back was so so so happy, there is no words for it! Really good, really comfy, better than expected!

The bathroom was, on the first look, also really great, I mean, what a shower! But soon I found weaknesses – when you flush the toilet, the sound it makes whilst flushing and especiall when re-charging water, man, scary as hell. And really loud. I don´t know if I could have fallen asleep right after if I had not been wearing earplugs. Here and there it was old, some tiles partially were not all good anymore. But nothing too major. And the shower – so amazing – I love this kind of shower, wish I had one like this!

Besides bed and bathroom, the rest of the room was not big but big enough to sa the least. It had a water boiler, tea, coffee, sugar, what you´d just need from a hotel room. The only thing I did not really like was that the room had a carpet floor – it was clean but still. Not my cup of tea at all.

In the mornings you can choose from a “European” breakfast with bread rolls, cereals, cheese and such and a full breakfast as they called it. Which I chose – the first time my stomach was not too impressed about this kind of a breakfast as I had not been used to it, but it was tasty, really. And heavy. But I reall did like it, I was full and it was just right for the morning. Choice of juces, coffee and tea was also served, so you were lacking pretty much nothing.

Overall therefore: don´t be scared off from photos that show the outside, it´s based in a good location, has nie staff and all that you need for a couple of days stay if ou don´t need all the fancy stuff for which you´d be paying twice as much. I for m part would always return and stay there again!