Half Marathon – Training Weeks 18-23

3,5 months left until my half marathon, at least in my plans. So yeah, I haven´t exactl been blogging about progress and my doings lately because the last weeks were mentally not really that easy, even though working out and getting back on track, the doubts paralyed my mind and will to even talk about it.

WEEK 18 (05.02.-11.02.2018)

It´s been yet anothe rweek of gym time, yet another week of being a grumpy bitch that doesn´t feel like wanting to talk to anyone or be social with anyone at gym. But no matter how much I was unmotivated before the workout, it felt good whilst and even better afterwards, even though my sore muscles were down and upside both in one.

Anyways, a little run that maybe was not the best idea I ever had, but I simpl needed it. That feeling of being free and having the feeling to be actively working towards my half marathon still. Because I feel terrible about it and I have that feeling that I won´t get there anyways. No matter how much I do my extra exercises and no matter if I get these expensive inlays…

WEEK 19 (12.02.-18.02.2018)

It´s all about gym…and a little run. And it felt okay. Not good, but at least okay. But overall I felt oddly weak, like my body was fighting off something, so I tried to take it easy and do less powering through workouts than usual. Also I did go and have my inlays made, like, ordered. Got some tipps what to train when being back to running, too. So I am prepared. Well, theoretically. Mentall it feels like I had never been further away from running this half marathon.

WEEK 20 (19.02.-25.02.2018)

Aka this week – struck down by the flu, I didn´t workout at all. All I did so far and will be doing for the rest of the week ss rest, stay in bed and get rid off the sickness so that I am able to go strong next week again!

Week 21  (26.02.-04.03.2018)

Since it´s been the first week out of flu, and the week where I´ve been to Glasgow, so i really did take it easy to make sure I am fit for the trip. Still felt under the weather anyways, so some light gym and some walks in my new inlays of my shoes – and that´s it. It will be a long road until I will be where I had been.

Week 22 (05.03.-11.03.2018)

Did my first shorter runs with the inlays in my shoes, and man, what a torture. I had not even slightest imagined how painful it could be to get used to those. And it´s so devastating when looking at how little time I have left for my preparation…

Had so many moments where I wondered if it was all worth it, if it still made sense, if I still had a valid chance of even making it and not dropping out last second. It´s been a week of doubts though it felt nice to be running painfree – meaning my muscle at least.

Week 23 (12.03.-18.03.2018)

It´s like the first week where I feel like I am truly back, even though I am still fighting the blisters after each and every run. The shoes still torture my feet, but during the runs I don´t really feel that, just afterwards I am finding the blisters again and again, every damned time.

But my pace is better than before, and with only little pain here and there I am happy that I can run nearly painfree again. Yet I am still far away from where I had been before my injury, and the stormy weather outside is not really making it nice to be outside and to go for a run.