Welcome Robo!

Who the fuck is Robo? Rather: What the fuck is Robo! Robo is the outcome what a woman buys when she is grown up.

It´s a vacuum-cleaning robot that crawls around the floor and cleans your apartment whilst you can do whatever you want to be doing in the meantime. Yes, it´s really just as good as it sounds like. My apartment hasn´t been that clean for ages, I´d say. Not sure what that tells about my old normal vacuum cleaner of my cleaning motivation. Let´s better not talk about it 😉

I now someone having the same vacuum cleaning robot and made good experiences, so that´s why I chose this one – I always wanted one, but noone I knew had one so I didn´t dare to even try and order one.  So now I did this step, being still a tad skeptical – but I could send it back to Amazon if it is a fuck up, so…

But let´s be honest: I fell in love with it right at the very first moment, right on the very evening when I had carried the big parcel home from work, and had set it together, and charged the battery a bit more. Yes, it´s that easy to get it all started – hardly any putting together , and having the easy and quick start guide right at hand…quick one, and it quicky ran around my hallway, still had to feel home. Well, it had to find its ways, but it quickly started to clean my floor really nicely. Just sucked when I overdid it and it started “vomitting” the dirt out again – so alwas have an eye on how full it is with dirt. Which is becoming less of a problem if you have done it ften enough and it´s not so dusty anymore.

Talking about having an eye on things – hide our cables, save them from this wild monster! It´s gonna eat em, shove em around and run over em! It kinda is funny, but still – makes you think about possibilities how to hide all the ugly cables someway, which is a good thing, too 🙂

When it comes to the cleanliness of my floor now – couldn´t be any better, though it will need a couple of more runs to really have it up to where I want it to be, as my normal vacuum cleaner seemingly sucked a lot and there is so much dust in the carpet floor all around. But we´re on a good way here! And it feels much better already.

Though one thing  – the cleaning of the robot isn´t too amazing for someone who´s allergic to all this dusty stuff. But still it´s the smaller downside when looking at whatever it can do and how much it improves everything…

So now I can happily have Robo run around my apartment, whilst I will be off to watch some series, put up my feet and relax – even though at times it´s a bit loud, especially if you have it run for its full time (around 100min). But I am used to ignore sounds I don´t wanna hear, so no biggie.

I simply love how much time it saves me, and especially during stressful weeks it´ll be the best helper ever. So what comes up next? Maybe a dishwasher, a small one? Yes, I have become a lazy girl, or rather: a terribly busy one in her freetime, trying to save as much time as possible.