…or: how expensive it is to simply go swimming as alternative training.

So yes, in between all of my running, I have my rest days – and the days where I need some alternative training, it was only gym so far – which again puts weight and pressure on my joints, knees and everything. So it´s not really all relaxing for my legs. So why not go for a swim here and there? Cannot hurt, I thought.

As a kid I loved swimming, and I still love being in the water – but…well, let´s start it that way. You have to pay 6,90 €. And no, it does not matter how long you will be actually in there. You could sta for a half a day or  like me, just swim for 45min, need 20min before and after and be out there. And to be honest with you: that price is a terribly bad joke, it´s a rip off and I am totally not gonna support this.

So I went for a swim here close to where I live, and despite the personnel being really nice, and everthing being clean, it was too small for me. 75% of the swimming lanes were blocked b those doing proper training, and those people using the lanes left were more into chit chatting whilst “swimming” than really making space to those that do want to swim and not do some here and there paddling.

And: when I wanna swim, I need cold water. And not this luke-warm stuff, really – go and laugh but yes it´s been too warm for me, for real swimming I like it fresh and cold. But I simply am not the kind of people they aim at I guess.

So es, I was pretty annoyed for many reasons whilst swimming – and in the end I felt just as sore as after running, it didn´t feel any better than gym or anything. Totall disappointing and not helpful at all for body and mind. I went out there frustrated about having spent so much money for my 45min in one row swimming, all the chit chatting and space blocking women and just everthing.

So now here I sit and wonder: what kind of alternative training shall I do instead? I am clueless, totally. And exhausted from working out 5 days a week to be fully honest. It´s draining. Like every session of whatever kind of training is currently.

But: there is no giving up! Just need to adjust my plans!

Any tipps?