Run: Wandsetaler Runde – 10km (25.03.2018)

Just on Friday I got to know there was a run really close by, going through all of the areas where I also here and there do my runs during weekdays. So it´s been full of nature, and that´s something that I enjoy most. And as I had to go for a run anyways on this Sunday, why not make it a little race experience?

So far I´ve just done Tough Mudder and Muddy Angel, so something with a team spirit, where time was not too essential and important. It was getting through together, instead of alone. And that´s different to those street runs.

Anyways. I had to get up at 7am to still figure out my breakfast – and now know that a drink that is sparkling is no good choice, and so is nothing with chocolate or marmelade. I felt so sick when going to the bus stop, it was awful – but luckily faded, but still never totally disappeared.

I had to e there earlier, because I still had to register – if I had done that in advance, I could´ve slept longer and would´ve been fitter, but nope. Of course not. I was pretty much one of the first ones, as I was there quicker than expected, and then quickly signed up and also walked to the changing room at the school gym that was rather close. Just had some orientation issues, but made it anyways – thanks Google Maps 😉

And then went back to the starting area again, and still: way too early. Trying to keep myself going and at least a bit warm before the actualy little warm-up session started. And then it´s been going to the start area – and I looked around and knew who was actually running the 21km distance, just by looking at them. But still I thought I was gonna be good with my average 7:22min/km. And was taught a lesson when we started.

So the start happened and I felt like I was on some baby car whilst everyone was on racing cars – and I made the mistake that rookies usually do: I let myself be pulled with the group and the first around 800m it was a kilometre speed of maybe 5:40min/km. And I was done with the run right after these 800m actually – what was worse than the body, was the mind. People who for me looked less trained passed by with no effort. And many people passed by, that´s the second thing that really hurt my ego. And I thought that my normal speed would´ve been at least okay.

Frustrated, upset and still exhausted from not feeling healthy, I kept going. And going. My legs started hurting, I got cramps in the soles of my feet again and at some point I really had to stop and close my eyes for a second. Close the eyes. Take a breath. Refocus. Start again. From that point on it had become better, though the pain in my legs were still bad. But at least I managed to pass by a few runners on the last kilometre, that made my ego feel a bit better. A bit.

And when I was in the finisher area, I found it so cute, how the little kid there gave me the medal…all pain was forgotten all of a sudden – and then drink, drink drink and a bite of cake also never hurt because the speed I ran wa sthe best speed I ever did – 6:56min/km has been half a minute faster than usual. And my body reacted to it.

So the rest of the day I spent with recovery (stretching, with my massage roll and ball) to losen up my muscles again…and the knowledge that I still have loads to learn.