“You never go and buy food with us”

…during lunchtime at work probably the sentence I have heard the most during my now soon more than 7 months there. It´s not meant in an un-nice way, but if you don´t know me well enough, it´s maybe hard to grasp. Because it´s not all about the money – though I am really not willing to pay around 7€ for a meal, because that makes nearly 40€ a week for lunch at work and with this is more than what I need for a full week with cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

But the main reason is: I wanna know what I eat, how much I eat. I am still on my weightloss journey, but having started my road to my half marathon, I need to watch it even more what I am eating and that m body is not lacking anything. Adjusting it how it comes and goes and how I train and how much I train.

I am counting my calories and macros (protein, carbs and fat) with my Yazio App – and yes, I weight everything I eat/prepare. Okay, not everything, because with some foods I already can (+/-5g) estimate the weight really well and so don´t need to weight it. And before you ask: no, it is no fun. It´s making cooking sometimes feel like some chemical experiment, but it´s proven to be working for me when looking at my weightloss success.

Now I am watching my calories also in the other direction – not that I manage to eat as little as needed but due to all the training and easily burning 600+kcal during my runs, I have to watch not to be eating too little and then lose strength and cannot exercise and train the next day or the same da anymore. Because I painfully had to learn that I really need a lot more energy nowadays than I ever needed before. And for me, it´s tough to balance that out.

Also, with all the meal planning and preparing I can make sure I don´t eat randomly all kinds of shit – I notice that on weekend, where I eat what I want in that moment and really struggle with staying in my calorie boundaries. And often fail. Too many tempatations, too many options, too many calories.

But yes, maybe that makes it understandable why I meal prep – it´s all about control. Because when it comes to me, in the end, I am a total control freak that demands discipline – too much of it at times but…anyways, let´s not get off track here!

Because: I still need to prepare food for tomorrow and decide which sweet treat I allow myself for the coming day(s) 😉