Half Marathon – Training Weeks 24 & 25

Week 24 (19.03.-25.03.2018)

A good week running though somehow I mostly didn´t really feel it. I was motivated all along but running 8km twice a week during workdays really is a struggle for more – after work still needing to go out for around an hour when it is mostly dark needs some discipline.

On the weekend I decided I could go and run a first little race – I already did a little report on that run already so I don´t need to talk much about it. It was a good experience where I can learn a lot from and build up on!

Week 25 (26.03.-01.04.2018)

Back on track, and my feet started to get used to my shoe inlays – less blisters, less pain, more comfort. Even though depending on the distance it still hurts a bit and really makes my muscles work in the oddest places.

The start into the week has been a tough one because my legs and body were still extreme exhausted from my 10km run – nothing worked, legs stiff and heavy, and I was permanently exhausted and tired. And so my first run of the week was a torture-like 4km run in a crappy time that made me feel even crappier and totally frustrated.

I´ve been, for the first time, running 15km this weekend – finally! I didn´t plan on 15km, but rather 13km and then got lost on the way and made it 15. I am getting there, but it´s still quite a road to go and not too much time left anymore.