Weightloss? How was that going again?

Yes I know, it´s been a while since I really reported on how things are going…2,5 years ago I started with around 90kg, and I´ve had many ups and many downs – and during the past half a year it´s been more a struggle against the downs rather than feasting on the good sides and the successes achieved.

But it´s going – steady. Slowly, but every month this year I´ve at least lost one kilogram. I have hit the 74 kilograms, finally – last year in summer I all of a sudden had been up weightwise again so it´s not my lowest but I am working hard on it!

You will be laughing and saying that it´s not much to be losing 1kg every month and you´re right. It´s a hilariously small amount of weight I am losing and it´ll take me probably the rest of the year to finally be at my goal weight. But I don´t really care anymore – I learnt that stressing out doesn´t exactly help anyways.

Plus, with all the exercising I do for my halfmarathon training my fcus is more on building strength and power rather than weightloss. I eat far more than I did before, because my body is permanently requesting food.

One thing I noticed though is that now I am drinking far ore water again, my weightloss is getting more stable, and I feel generally better and less worn out. It´s really helping a lot, I had never guessed that – it´s not making me less hungry, but rather makes my body clean itself better than before with less drinking. Also, not drinking alcohol really has been a good choice – I don´t miss it much, and I saving a lot of calories and don´t have alcohol killing my sportive activity!

So I think I am on a good path – the path that leads me to be far bitter than I had been before, and that´s far more important to me than the numbers on my scale. Yes, it´s a change in attitude, and a much needed one, too!

So yeah, down to 74kg, makes 9 more kilograms to go hopefully until autumn…and muscles to be put where now the fat is 😉 Much work, much work, much work, more sweat and tears, too!