6 months in – Half marathon training

Taken during the Wandsetaler Runde (March 2018)

And I learned a lot. Additional stuff that I had never been thinking about. The last time I´ve been reflecting on it, as three months ago – so after month 3 of my training and road to my half marathon.

Forced to take a break? It´s a chance!

If you use it right, at least. During my two months of no running I did extensive weight workouts at gym, and worked especially at my leg and hip/belly/back muscles to give my body the chance to be back stronger – and what can I say, it really does feel like I am back far stronger than before. Not only physically, but especially mentally with a lot of more determination.

Standard training plans don´t fit everyone

…and that´s why I quite the Polar training plan that you were able to set up and that made me walk more than made me run. And I saw no progress, really, nothing. Of course it´s healthier to run with low heart frequency, but my heart goes up to a certain rate and not above that – so if I have a certain average heart rate as a limit I am good. And that´s going well, and far better than with this stiff training plan that I was so unable to follow and that really made me more angry than motivated.

Do test races

It doesn´t matter if it´s about the question “What do I eat before a run?”, or battle the “I´ll just go with the flow – and that far too fast” or just to get used to all of the things that come with such a race. It´s really all about reducing nervousity and insecurity, so at least that´s working well on the big day of the half marathon. Just sucks I need to miss out on some races because I have a life besides al of the running!

Don´t pamper your ego – but remember it´s only about yourself

You think you´re great, training all on your own, seeing progress? Well…don´t lose touch to the ground or think you would be average already – because you aren´t. That´s what I had to learn during a race and need to recapture every damn day. But, at the same time: it´s about you, how you feel when running, how it goes. All that matters is finishing, the place doesn´t matter.

I can push through the pain

For me an extremely valuable lesson, because I was and still am pretty much scared that the pain in my legs will be the show stopper – but during my long runs and the race I did I noticed I can push through and go through the pain because it mostly goes away at some point again – sometimes thanks to the runner´s high, sometimes because you got used to it or zoomed out completely.

Blisters heal terribly slow

…never wait on them getting all ready for another run, unless you wanna wait for ages. At least for me it´s been like this – I had blisters on blisters, because otherwise I could´ve not been running for ages as they healed so slowly. Yes, I opened them with a sterile needle and did my best to give it best possible healing chances – because otherwise I could´ve not been wearing normal shoes.