Concert: Versengold – Wilhelmshaven (07.04.2018)

To be fair, I went to Wilhelmshaven not being even sure anymore if I wanted to attend the show. I was doubting that I was willing to put up with so many people, was doubting if I could really sink into the music. The past week(s) kind amade me want to dig up if I was not running, and so I decided I was going to Wilhelmshaven for the city and the sea and decide later on if I wanted to go.

Maybe my heart deep inside had decided right from the start that in the end I was going to attend the show anyways, my mind was fighting against that. And it still didn´t feel all right when queueing even though people were really nice and chatting was, too. But: people. And something felt wrong.

Doors open was totally relaxed which was relieving, after my experiences in Leipzig I am still having a slight trauma to be honest. And once in there – man, how small that was. No idea how they fit 800 poeple in there. It felt cozy, and frontrow was a nice thing where to stand again 😉 I noticed that with most bands I somehow always end up standing on the right side xD

Aaaanyways, the support act was the band AntiHeld from Southern Germany and well, support acts always have a tough time with me, and no difference for them. They were great to watch because they had so much fun on stage, but most songs were just not my taste. One song though really brought tears to my eyes – a song that their singer had written for the funeral of a good friend of his. And wow, this song…it made me swallow hard and really hit me deep inside. I was close to crying.

And then Versengold…what can I say, again a massively long show, with sweat and cramps in the legs from all the jumping around (and the walking beforehand), and … I am still probably the biggest fan of all instrumentals that this band has. Simply because it´s strings, strings and strings all in the focus. And i love the violin and nyckelharpa sound more than anything else (okay, not more than the cello sound but that´s another story).

Biggest surprise for me was that they made their “promise” true – they played “Tjark Evers” live again. And it´s been so suitable for this city at the sea, and again it´s been a goosebumps feeling for me. Torn in between all happiness and these emotions that the song brings up in me. A pity it´s been though that another beautiful ballad had to call its quits for it. Another song about the sea. Would´ve been cool to hear that one too, but you cannot have everything.

It was kinda hilarious how we were asked to use our phones during “Funkenflug” to have some lights up due to the lack of glow sticks…I refused. The phone stayed in my pocket, I wanna enjoy and a phone has no place there then. And I have a really strong opinion there xD

I enjoyed the show, I loved the interaction between band and crowd and it´s been a mix between just partying and noticing once again that not everything in my life is the way I´d like to have it. And that I gotta get up my ass and change that. Somehow.

I left the venue with a satisfied feeling, but all emotional again. It´s been like a lot has been stirred up again without really knowing what that was in detail. But sometimes you also need stuff like this!