Wilhelmshaven – oh the sea…

So yeah, never been to Wilhelmshaven before, I mean, why would ? And what I can already say right at the start: I regret not having been there earlier already. Totally in love with this city and its people. And the sea, of course.

Anyways, my drive from hamburg to Wilhelmshaven went smooth up until the point where I had to find my way to the venue and the road I had to take was blocked and I had to take some odd other route and then ended up in the middle of nowhere and…well, not that great. But I was relieved once I had parked my car next to the venue and the parking even was for free!

First thing I did: pack my camera, sunglasses and start walking towards the sea. The sea, my love. The sound, the smell, I always fall in love with it from new, and it´s been like this also in Wilhelmshaven. Immediately I grew quiet and all peaceful mindwise, I somehow felt home during this whole day though I didn´t know a single street, nothing. People were so nice and told me so much about the city´s history, about what to see and all weird insides that you can just get to know from people living there.

Besides a really long walk right next to the sea on the sand, I went to check out the marine museum with its museum ships and its submarine. And I was really stunned, not having seen any of those seen from the inside before. Crazy how you can easily get lose on one of those ships, whilst in the submarine I was so happy to get out of there after not even 10min. No idea how people really stayed there for longer, locked up literally in this small and narrow place. I cannot imagine this at all. I freaked out after 3min down there even though it´s been open and you knew you were not under water and able to leave whenever you wanted to. I spent a lot of time there, more than I had expected – was worth the entry fee in the end 😉

Afterwards I ended up strolling around, rather aimless, enjoying the sunshine, sitting next to the water and just relaxing for once. I had planned to drive alongside the coast but somehow would have needed far more time for that than what I still had left so I decided to rather not to do it instead of needing to rush. I wanna enjoy, and don´t have any kind of stress. So this is clearly on my to do list for the next time in Wilhelmshaven.

Because if one thing is certain: I will return, return to explore, to see more, suck up even more peace of mind from the sea. Have never guessed I would so fall in love, head over heels, with a city ever again. Its size, the ocean, the people, seems all so perfect, too good to be true. And yes I know, as a visitor you often don´t see the “real life” there but still…

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