My plans for Abu Dhabi in May

I´ve really struggled to first even book this trip because it´s the most expensive one for me so far, but then simply decided to go for it because…I can. Sort of.

And then I pushed my plannings away, away, and when I got the travel information on my trip from the holiday agency, I realized I had to get going even though it´s still like 2 weeks to go. Wait. ONLY TWO WEEKS o.O

Yeah, that was me, and I got up and finally opened my little book I bought on Abi Dhabi and tried to sort everything out hahaha

And here you get a little glimpse on what´s booked and what´s on my plan – how many turn out that way, let´s see!


  • Rail & Fly from Hamburg to Frankfurt Airport back and forth (I still need to actually check the schedules as they only give you a voucher to use as train ticket but don´t give any connection info)
  • Airport transfer from airport to hotel in Abu Dhabi (looks like there will be people from the holiday agency waiting outside to arrange the transfers)
  • And surprise: the two flights (never been flying with those vouchers that I need to still trade in then when being at the airport, or something like this)


  • Ramada Abu Dhabi 
  • 4* hotel, economy room ( I am really curious, because on the webpage there is no such room category liste hahaha)
  • 7 nights (arrival and departure night ate not counted due to the times of my flights)
  • Breakfast included
  • Close to Corniche and close to the sea


I am always really “good” at planning my sightseeing – most times I end up maybe doing half of the things, and I pretty much expect it to be no different with my Abu Dhabi trip – especially when the temperatures are really gonna be that bloody high.

The schedule below is sort of a “in my perfect world”-plan where there is no heat, where I am always fit, where I don´t have a culture shock, where I am not exhausted and always motivated to go around and not just hang out on the beach.

Day (startin on 6th, landong on 7th May)

  • Arriving
  • Beach
  • Explore the close surroundings
  • Go out for dinner

Day 2  – with a hop-on-hop-off bus (8th)

  • Marina Mall
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center
  • Eastern Mangroves
  • Shau boat cruise


Day 3  – with a hop-on-hop-off bus (9th)

  • Louvre museum
  • WTC
  • Heritage village
  • Dinner at one of the Shau boats





 Day 4 (10th)

  • Beach time

Day 5 (11th)

  • Kunstzentrum manarat al saadiyat
  • Falcon hospital
  • Dinner at the restaurant village “ventian village” (Maybe at the restaurant “al fanar”)
  • Women handicraft & heritage centre – al mushrif
  • Capital garden
  • Al hosn fort


Day 6 (12th)

  • Beach time

Day 7 (13th)

  • Al Meena market
  • Dhau harbor
  • Al Maqtaa Fort

Day 8 (14th)

  • Beach



Day 9 (15th)

  • Traveling back home 😦