My Top 10 running songs

I had a phase where I ditched music because “during the half marathon I also won´t be able to listen to music” – and to be honest, it killed my will to go and run – I was exhausted, it was dark outside and most times it was cold as well. Not exactly the things that really get you motivated to put on your running shoes and rock down the kilometres.

Especially when you are worn out from a long day at work, you simply need something to boost you and kick your ass on long runs.

A couple of days ago I checked which songs I was actually listening to most, and here they are!

  1. Versengold – “Biikebrennen” (**MUSIC-Spotify**)
    It´s THE song I listen two at two points when it comes to running – right at the start and before actually starting to get all boosted up and ready to go. And then literally on repeat during the last maybe two kilometres, because the melody and sound just keeps me going and going and makes push until the very last second!
  2. Nothing More – “Don´t stop” (**MUSIC-YouTube**)
    When I have motivational problems, this is the track I listen to before I even put on my shoes. Usually I sit down in my little hallway and close my eyes where I just listebn to the song. Don´t move. Just let loose and find some strength.
  3. Versengold – “Ablasstanz (live)” (**MUSIC-YouTube**)
    It´s violin. And violin seems to be majorly doing a good job for kepeing me running. The fact that it´s another instrumental shoudn´t be surprising anymore, no distracting lyrics and no lyrics that tend to make me want to sing along..and then lose my breathe again xD
  4. Katy Perry – “Dark Horse” (**MUSIC-YouTube**)
    It´s one of those braindead songs that make a good mood anyways. I need to have these songs in between all others
  5. Kings of Leon – “Sex on Fire” (**MUSIC**)
    Actually a song where I sing along. Every time. And it´s just a fun song to sing along to when running alone in the dark and you are not overly motivated as such…not really improving my running but at least the fun factor.
  6. Apocalyptica – “Cold Blood”  (**MUSIC-YouTube**)
    Franky´s voice and the powerful cellos, an aggressive song that simply has to be pushing you through runs in the dark. Nothing to add right there!
  7. Versengold – “Niemals sang- und klanglos” (**MUSIC-YouTube**)
    Funnily enough the song usually came on with my player when I was really struggling during running – and it really tells me to kick ass and keep going. Also nice rhythm and melody to keep me going in a proper speed.
  8. Nothing More – “Christ Copyright” (**MUSIC-YouTube**)
    I just like the track because it´s having quite a bit of power in it – it´s another track I simply like during running for no apparent reason.
  9. Versengold – “Weinfass Tune” (**MUSIC-Spotify**)
    Aaaaand take a guess…Yes! It´s another instrumental piece with…VIOLIN! A track I love dancing to when the play it at their live shows, here in this context it keeps me going and going and…going 😀
  10. Versengold – “Kopft ihn” (**MUSIC-YouTube**)
    It´s all about the rhythm – if I feel like I lost my rhythm with running and my steps are short, long, short, something in between and a total mess, I put on this song…always helps me to get back into the right rhythm.