Half Marathon – Training Weeks 28 & 29


Week 28 (16.04.-22.04.2018)

Monday and Wednesday, both two good runs of around 10km and both times I felt like being able to run even further but had to stop myself from doing so, because it would´ve been too much. But running felt good and I feel like it´s less and less of a massive exhaustion even during the weekdays and after work.

And after the two migraine days, I didn´t expect much of power from my body – and was surprised. I had planned to be running 17km, and checked the route in advanced to finally see some different areas around my place. And then got lost on the way back, and had no idea anymore where I actually had been. Google Maps for the rescue, and with bad news: I had been at kilometre 13 and my google maps told me that I had like 6km left. And I was dying. It got warmer and warmer, no shade, and I was without water, and sweating like hell. But I pushed and pushed and finished the 19.22km in 2:14:58 – a pace of 7:02min/km. Though I really was on survival mode on the last kilometre.

So…time for new goals I thought. There is a pace maker for a finish time of 2:14h – which makes it a pace of 6:30min/km. Makes 30seconds of differece between my current time and that pace. Time to work on my speed then and on stabilizing my shape on long distances.

Week 29 (23.04.-29.04.2018)

After my first time running of 19km, my legs needed time. Much time, to be honest. And too much for my taste, but my physiotherapist brought me down to earth again and ensured me it was normal. especially at the start I need a lot of recovery time because my muscles and joints are simply not used to this. I gotta be more patient. A lot more patient, but it´s hard.

If you combine this with a really stressful week, you know how my body was doing. Overly stressed, I didn´t sleep well and I felt weak. So I did what I had to do: rest, and recover mind and body just at the same time.

Just on Thursday I went for a run, which went okay. And I still felt my heavy legs – I don´t know if it was all the stress or still the exhaustion from the weekend or maybe just my mind. But those 8km went okish, not too well, not too bad, but I had to push myself to keep going. Had planned 10km but – I listened to my body!

And then it was weekend time and after a night of good sleep, I started my weekend with yet another long run into the green areas of Hamburg. And I am really stunned what great places I discovered – and then on the way back had to even think of how to run (thanks Google Maps for failing on me) even though I was already braindead. And bodily dead. No surprise that this was how I felt after checking my clock: a bit more than 20km, in 2:24h. So I nearly ran the half marathon distance. Let´s not talk about the time, I really gotta work on improving that but I am more and more becoming confident. And I really do have the feeling my body is getting used to it more and more, though I was exhausted and my body sent me signals that showed it probably had been too much.

And there is one thing I need to do though it´s annoying: take water bottles with me on my runs. I cannot always be lucky and ask for water at a truck stop..