7 months in – Half marathon training

…and yes, I am still learning. Learning a lof of things, many are small tiny things about how my body works or rather how it also should be working when it isn´t. But also many still bigger topics 😉

Skin meets skin

…and that hurts, and looks awful. I managed to have sore skin on my inner legs, and yes, you might laugh: one of my boobs also has an open wound now from one of my long runs. I´ve always been shaking my head about runners using vaseline or whatnot to be safe from that but guess what, I invested quite some more for a product that is supposed to be like a second skin ove rthe normal skin in order to protect you from blisters and soreness and open wounds like the ones I currently battle.

Drinking whilst running

…wait, what? Yeah, that´s what my body is currently still thinking when I give it a try. It doesn´t work, I feel stomach sick after. But I need to get this working before the half marathon, as I am not keen on wasting time on walking simply because I need to drink somehow. I am clueless though about the “how”…

The mind is the key

Especially on the longer distance, the mind is the key. You need to have that will to pull through, no matter what – and developing this attitude is not always easy. And sometimes I simply fail with that because my mind gets tired and then I am in the “why am I doing this again?” mode instead of the “the better I keep going the better it feels and the faster it´s done” mode. Let´s see if I get this fixed without needing to stop, close my eyes and refocuse.

Active recovery is for me

…is the way to go for me. Biking, some stretching, some light weights. I noticed that when I went into that mode after one of my long runs and did not expect it to feel sooo good and make my sore muscles so much quicker alive again. But everyone is different there, everybody reacts differently.