06.05.2018 & 07.05.2018 – From cold to hot

I have always been nervous when traveling – and even though my train to Frankfurt airport just eft at around lunchtime, I panicked every couple of hours at nighttime and woke up. A refreshing night is clearly something else, but no can do – at least I had already packed up.

So I went to my station just to find out that some woman had fled the ambulance car on the way to the hospital and then was running around on the tracks. Which meant: ambulance, police, fire brigade. All trying to get her off the tracks, and of course the route was then blocked. And thus my train was not running. Hopped onto bus and tram then instead, and this was a moment where I was happy that I always calculated so much time on top. I was still relaxed. well no, I asn´t. I was angry, and annoyed and wondered was gonna come next. Lukcily nothing came next – the trainride went as it was supposed to, despite the fact I had annoying children and their even more annoying parents around.

I really hate it how some parents blame the kid´s awful behaviour on traveling being stressful. And not on themselves being unable to really handle a damned child. I know it´s stressful for kids to travel, then why do it if the little ones freak out all the time. And it´s not gotten better on the plane later on. Screaming kids and no sleep, that really did describe my train and plane ride to Abu Dhabi.

So my plane left at around 22:45, and I was tired but somehow…at least I had a nice seat and the person next to me was nice, the air temperature on the plane was okay. But the crying children – no matte rhwat you did, you heard them. Or you had to turn up the volume of the music that much, that you nearly became tone deaf. I had grabbed some fastfood before boarding, because I had no idea when we´d be getting food. I jokingly said it´ was gonna be a midnight meal and damn I was right! So just when I finally had started to be napping, I was woken up for food. That was totally kicking me off track, sleep was impossible afterwards. No matter what I tried, nothing got me to sleep – maybe I was also simply too excited for what was to come!

After landing in Abu Dhabi, it was immigration stuff, picking up the luggage and then luckily my transfer had been arranged and so things were easy – sit down in a bus, relax, with some cold water. The temperatures were a total shock, especially the humidity killed me. And that in the early morning hours already…too much.

And then I had seen that the check in time was just 3pm – so many hours still to go. I entered the hotel and had a positive surprise – because it was 9.30am for check in and not 3pm. Thank God. I was able to have my luggage stored so I didn´t have to drag it around – it would have totally killed me, my backpack was heavy enough. But as my camera was in there, no chance that I give it away!

Went to get some money, and then grabbed some food and enjoyed the sunshine in the close by park. And then: check in.

Took a nap, a shower and relaxed a bit. My brain couldn´t function anymore. Then decided to go and check out the beach – the taxi was the easiest way to go, so lazy me became a snob already now.

Spent the rest of the day at the beach, enjoying the really warm water, the sunshine and the fact that there´s hardly been any people. Free choice of where to lay down, but unfortunately also no shade or anything – but my skin got along well with the sun even though I just used a 30 sun protect instead of 50s.

The snack I had at that cafe was also really tasty – especially the lemon-mint juice. So refreshing, just perfect for temperatures that I had not experienced for ages. The sandwich I also had was a tad too expensive, but no surprise – it´s Abu Dhabi and then right at the beach. But still, I had to swallow hard in the first second.

The sweat was dripping down my face just when bending forward! Hopefully I was gonna get used to this…not sure though if I will. Moving a finger already makes you kinda sweat – sounds hilarious, I know, but it really did feel like this on my first day here!

In the evening I went to have dinner at the restaurant of the hotel – the easiest way when you´re all drained, tired and don´t wanna go out into the heat anymore that seemed to never disappear…

At least the air condition did its job and man that food at the restaurant…especially the desserts. Those will make me fat, I see that coming already on day 1 – I am just a lover of sweets, no matter which temperatures!

I have to get used though to be eating a lot of rice…it´s like…everywhere. And the new tastes because of special arabic spices and all of that.