09.05.2018 – Like it hot? (Abu Dhabi)

That’s probably the question I had to ask myself when already yesterday I checked the forecast for today, not knowing it would get even hotter. The forecast said 41°C, in the end it’s been 43°c and believe me, I am not kidding you there. If you were outside for 5min, you felt like a grilled chicken full body . It literally hurt to be outside.

So kinda expecting this, I had planned a day inside with museums. First had a big breakfast again and wondered where my garlic fried rice was from the day before, but man…we had waffles! And in general I am getting more and more the hang of this style of eating breakfast – maybe I enjoy it too much, too many carbs, and too much food in general.

Anyway, I decided to first go to Louvre – yes, there is this museum also in Abu Dhabi and it’s looking fab from the outside! So I took a taxi there(yes, I turned into a damned snob) and more or less sprinted into the museum, from the air condition in the taxi into the best and into the air condition world of the museum! Aka freezing, sweating, freezing. Totally not healthy but no can do. So yeah, the museum. Me and dry museums where you just walk through and look at stuff have never really been my taste – sure, I take photos of things I like when I see them but that’s literally the only interaction with these exhibitions. It’s been partially interesting again, but in the end it’s just been a museum.

I had planned to go to some art gallery/museum afterwards because it’s in the same area but somehow I had enough of museum, so I went back to the hotel to relax a bit and then draft anew plan for the day. And that also quickly happened – going to the Ethihad towers for the observation deck and then some shopping at the WTC (yes, called World Trade center). Hopped into yet another taxi, had another nice chat on the way to the observation deck…it’s always interesting to check with the taxi drivers, I love hearing their stories.

So, the observation deck – aka up on 300m in the tower. But first get there – was totally lost but happily people are so helpful here that they always helped me out quickly. So ,wah, I am sure you wanna know about the ticket price – around 25€ including a food voucher for up on the observation deck . So it’s okay, still it made me swallow hard first but once up there I noticed it’s really been worth the investment. That goes from up there down on Abu Dhabi was stunning- seeing where they are building, where they are trying to build up ne area, see further in the distance onto the sea…so stunning.

As I had that food voucher anyways, I decided on having lunch aka a sandwich with such a view – and let’s be honest, the sandwich was the side effect, not really worth talking about because it was nothing special at all. The elevator ride down… It really makes you feel like in an aircraft taking off or so…hurts in the ears!

So then I took yet another taxi to the WTC mall because I wanted to see if I can find some nice stuff in the Souk part of it – and indeed I did, some classical souvenirs, some soap from camel milk and some spices. All happy and feeling poor after shopping, I was relieved when I had arrived to the hotel again. Just quickly dropped off my stuff up in the room and then had a chat with theory who takes care of the booking for all kinds of activities – still had to get my desert trip booked. And so I did, Friday it is! Half a day tour, starting in the early afternoon so after the worst heat I guess. I am excited, really!

Then rushed upstairs again, and packed my swimming stuff and walked the 4km to the beach, just to be welcomed by a rough sea and wind and somehow…the weather was off all of a sudden. The green flat turned into a yellow one, so you had to be more careful with swimming. That made me leave after 30min of fun in the ice water, to be walking back and noticing that I was able to greet a second blister on my feet. And me being me, I don’t have the stuff with me to open it properly. I am so stupid…

Showered and planned to go out for dinner. Researched some restaurants but nothing made me really excited and I was too exhausted to really, hop into a taxi again to go somewhere further away. Long story of indecisiveness made short: I ate at the hotel restaurant again,and this time really liked the food better. Good things to choose from and…these desserts. They make me fat but happy…

And now I am blogging, still need to put aftersun lotion all over me and that’s it for the day I guess xD