Half Marathon – Training Weeks 30 & 31


Week 30 – 30.04.2018 – 06.05.2018

So after I went to gym last Sunday already for some active recovery, this bank holiday I had to hit gym again – it´s been stormy outside, and rainy. No combination of weather traits that make me want to do my running. So instead I worked on weights, also on my legs, and on strengthening my core area. I ditched that too often, really. I need to be more disciplined with gym. Just have I no idea HOW I am supposed to fit this into my week still somewhere…

The rest of the week – well, I overdid gym, did a  stupid move at gym and ended up having pain in my usual muscles – so I had to cut down and fous on active recovery. So all I tried was a 5km run later on this week – and it ended up to be all fucked up because my lung was acting up thanks to all the pollen that caused the allergic problems. Worst run in ages – I was so desperate and upset. Awful.

Week 31 – 07.05.2018 – 13.05.2018

Actually I had that plan to go running 3 times when in Abu Dhabi – I´ll be honest and you were also able to read this in my Abu Dhabi blog posts…with this kind of a weather, that was a mission I had to be failing. But I at least made it once – and these 4km to the beach, a little swim in the sea and then 4km back were the longest distance I ever felt I had ran. It´s been over my limits, the most exhausting thing I ever done at 30°C and burning heat and humidity.

Besides that I had alternative training aka swimming in the sea, and did a lot of walking – but nothing else. So it probably is a week with a couple of steps back, but ease for the mind what I needed – not focussing on running and always thinking about it.