11.05.2018 – Hello, desert! (Abu Dhabi)

…and no, this ain’t a spelling mistake. For once I am not talking about food here 😉 it’s been the day of the desert safari that I had booked and yeah, I was really curious how it was gonna be, how the driver was gonna be, and how the other people in the car would be.

Lucky me, I was the first one to be picked up from the hotel and the driver and I got along really well from the first moment on. Good start, I gotta say! The other guys and girls were from an airline and had a two day stay over in Abu Dhabi, originally from the fillipines. At first I thought their behaviour was so typically Asian with their Instagram/Snapchat/filming everything behaviour but they were amazing fun to hang out with, chat with and a great company!

So at first we needed around an hour to get to the meeting point which was already in the desert – the other guys already halfway died when driving off-road, and I was just happy 🙂 the dune bashing that then followed…man so much adrenaline! Our driver was really experienced so we took some more extreme routes here and there, and how I LOVED it – the more extreme, the better it is! Some people in another car thought differently and the driver had to stop – the guys can be lucky it was not us who had to stop, would’ve been really pissed. But like that it was amazing, though here and there there were dunes that really brought me to the limits for a few seconds. But I am an adrenaline junkie, so I couldn’t really get enough hahaha xD

First little stop was a little camel farm, some taking photos and for me watching other people being so afraid of these animals. If they started moving, they freaked out. Come on guys, they won’t kill you. It was funny. Back in the car and some more dune bashing, wohoooooo!

And then at some point we arrived at the camp and had time to relax, grab some drinks and do some Sandboarding (I failed , I couldn’t get sliding properly) . Decided on going for a little quad ride around the dunes – the two other tourists that joined were all about filming themselves driving (at least they had a phone with them, so they could take a photo of me – thanks for that!!!) , so that quad leader and me took some faster extra routes because we didn’t want to wait and stand there. I am all for speed, and was surprised how daring I had been – because I was skeptical at first. Funny also how the other one had struggled to navigate the quad. It really wasn’t heavy (sure also not that easy) and you didn’t need much strength. At least for me it was easy and I really was hooked. Need to do that somewhen again, so amazing! And then it has to be a longer tour!

Then followed some dancing shows, and dinner – it was tasty, but for me it was just too warm sitting outside and eating. But it was a good time, and then the belly dancing shows was also nice. She also asked women to come and join, so I and some others joined for the fun of I. It was funny, though slightly embarrassing. Not gonna see anyone of these people ever again I suppose, so half as bad hahaha and then we had to go back after some star watching and shisha smoking. I was tired pretty much, but it’s been a great day.

The other folks were dropped of and on the way to my hotel the driver and I stopped by a store as he had to be picking up some stuff for the next day’s tour (yes he did ask of course if that was okay for me). And during this supermarket visit I for the first time noticed how big the cultural differences were. A western woman, me, being in store with an Arabic man who is traditionally dressed. And I even wasn’t taking care of the groceries, it was him. The disapproving looks on people’s faces were so clear. And I felt so bad and insecure. Never had experienced something like this before. That kinda made me wonder about so many things when I was back in the hotel room again…

This and all experiences piled up really badly, couldn’t fall asleep for ages because my head couldn’t find any peace….