Run: Rahlstedter Wandserunde (27.05.2018)

Another weekend, another run – and let´s be honest: after totally not feeling it and feeling awful during and after the B2B run, I was skeptical if it was making any sense at all to go to the run. But I wouldn´t be me if I wasn´t at least gonna give it a damned try.

And for this try I had to ge tup early and I was totally not awake when I was picking up my starting number. Got some fitness-energy-drink into myself, and started to feel more awake – and somehow nervous.

It´s become less bad, but I still feel it every time. Maybe it´s also excitement, I am not sure if I am at the point of being able to differenciate those two when it comes to running.

So I picked up my number, went to the changing room, and the bath room and went back and started my little warmup – as always, having “Biikebrennen” by Versengold on the play. It´s a track where I can totally lose myself in the music and zoom out.

So I am all with myself only and can focus on what is important right in this moment. And it did the trick once again.

Dropped off my bag and my jacket (yes, it was rather cold still at that time) and then continued with a little warmup, rushing to the bathroom again and some more warm-up. I have learned from the mistakes I did before the B2B run to say the least.

At the start I already had to face the fact again, that it´s not just average runners in the field, most were starting off with apace I will possibly never even come close to.

So I was with one of the last ones until maybe kilometre 5 where I more and more started to pass by those that started off to fast.

And I managed to keep my personal best pace of 6:16min/km throughout the run, and simply kept going and going and going. Only walking breaks were when grabbing something to drink.

I cannot drink and run at the same time, it makes me want to throw up every time I try.

I felt really good during running, even if my heart rate was higher than it should be – I felt good, and that´s all that counts.

The last 2km were torture, the muscles in my upper left leg started to block and I couldn´t run as I was used to. But I made it, and even reached my goal – I wanted to at least have 10 other runners behind me.

So yes, I was 100/110 hahaha But I made it. And at my age group for the women on this distance I was 4th. could be worse, I suppose, right? 😉