12.05.2018 – Not for public – doesn´t matter (Abu Dhabi)

I was somehow not feeling too amazing in the morning, somehow my stoach was feeling upset and I really have no idea why, I ate comparably little, nearly had to force myself to be eating even though it was tasty as always.

I decided to do some shopping for spices and special foods and souvenirs and some more sightseeing – round one of shopping I did at first at Marina Mall. Simply because I wanted to be inside after I had already failed to be walking and decided to take a taxi instead. The heat was really getting me for no apparent reason, and I was happy to be in the nice and refreshing mall for a while.

In the lunchtime heat (yes, very smart) I then started walking towards one of the monuments I wanted to photograph and continued to walk toards the Emirates palace, a top class hotel that is even noted down as a sightseeing spot in info brochures. On my way there, I met a polish tourist, so we went together – which in the end turned out really good, because he seemingly had experience in how to get into not public parts of the hotel even though not being a guest.

Anyways, already the public parts were really breathtaking, so stunning and beautiful and everything. And so much golden color everywhere. We then kinda waited near the doors that lead to the not oublic part until someone opened it with their key card and luckily the doory closed so slowly, that you could walk in without seeming like you were sneaking in. And what a hotel. Really. Someone has to finance a stay there for me. Wow. Made me really speechless. I have no idea how much time I spent in this huge hotel, but it was time well spent – beautiful place and air condition, you know.

Afterwards quickly went back to the store, got some other stuff and then went to the hotel, feeling stomach wise still pretty much off. And that´s also why I bought dinner at the store (aka some soup) instead of going to the hotel´s restaurant. It wouldn´t have made sense, I rarely had any will to eat and somehow…it´s been too much somehow. Too many impressions and everything.

dropped into bed and I couldn´t have fallen asleep quicker than this night – afte rhaving spent most of my afternoon on the bed already, watching CNN…