Concert: MPS in Hohenwestedt (19.05.2018)

…no idea where on earth that place is? relax, I had no idea at first either and had to google it. In the end – nice little place, but a pain to get to and especially to get back home to Hamburg in the night due to many construction work sites on the way. Getting there was already tiring, getting back just beat it all.

I was still tired from last night where I had gotten into bed at after 3 am, and couldn´t fall asleep and then got up at 11am, had breakfast, got dressed, packed up and jumped into the car again.

I felt like I had been drinking for the past week entirely, though I have had just one little mead the evening before. Hungover, and tired and somehow I was not too excited and enthusiastic. It was more of a “I promised to show up if the weather is okay and damn the sun is shining so I gotta go”-thing right at the start. The couch was crying for my love just too loud. But at least for most of the drive there wasn´t too much traffic, so at least it was some time for speed matching the music!

But once I arrived and entered the market area, I felt more relaxed and felt much better again. Meeting with fellow fans and having a good time together always helps. And the afternoon show of Versengold was there – the sound was not too amazing, it really could´ve been better but it was fun anyways. It felt good, it was like being grounded and back in germany also mindwise. It´s always tough for me to get back when returning from vacations. In between the two shows a bit of food and looking around, and then you already had to go back so thos efellow fans saving spots in front row were able to go and get stuff if they wanted.

The evening show had a better sound, that´s for sure. And somehow the athmosphere was also matching the whole show a bit more, and well…a good reason for liking the evening show more was my fave track, so…and this time – though it was tough – I recorded it instead of just enjoying.

The time is always passing by far to quick, and I am used to more than 1:30h of concert time. It´s like it just started and then it´s over already again. Though I was really exhausted and my voice was nearly gone. Well okay let´s be honest: it was gone at the end of the show. Luckily it recovered at least a bit rather quickly, would´ve been hilarious though. I didn´t stay for Knasterbart anymore, instead just had a few chats with the band and then already left the market – simply because I wanted to drop off the damned rental car to be able to sleep in the next day. Not keen on getting up just for returning the car.

And returning the car went well – and I even got my bus home without needing to hurry, that´s what I am calling a nice timing! In the end I was happy to have only silence around me again, and no people. Time to really reflect on the crazy times that I had. Positively crazy, no dpubts.

Hopped into a hot bath at the end of the day, with some quiet music and then just relaxing after being on my legs all the time. I love concerst, festivals and medieval markets, but driving there, then all day there and driving back – it becomes more and more exhausting. Don´t get me wrong, traveling is fun but not when you spend like 95% of your vacations on the road and busy and everything.