13.05.2018 – Sand storm (Abu Dhabi)

It was beach day! Well, it was supposed to be a beach day of not doing anything but hanging out at the beach and relaxing. In the morning nothing yet prepared me what the day was gonna bring weather wise.

I had a good start into the day, enough food, and my garlic rice again! Yes, I really fell in love with it, needless to say! It sounds disgusting but you can get used to it, and if everyone smells like a ton of spices, it doesn´t make a difference anymore if you smell like garlic. After so many days without this part of the breakfast, it was a nice surprise.

The bad surprise was when I actually checked the weather – widespread dust it said. Well, I thought it wasn´t gonna be that bad and packed up and got ready for going to the beach, left the hotel and…had something like a humid sand storm hug me. To put it nicely. Without sunglasses nothing worked, and you really felt like the mix of your own sweat and that sand and dust stuck to your skin. Needless to say, the walk to the beach 4km away felt a bit like a neverending walk.

When I arrived at the beach, it was a really sand storm like time. Like, really windy. And you didn´t even properly see the skscrapers next to the street close by.

Even taking off the clothes without them flying away was a challenge – i ended up sprinting into the water with a lot of waves. Proper swimming was impossible, well, if you went with the flow it was no problem, but getting back to where you started… yep, I really had planned on the day being different one on the beach. It really made me angry, no go. Last day at the beach and then…

I returned at some point and instead conquered the little rooftop pool on top of the hotel – still a bit of sand storm and widespread dust, but it was okay, cool water and a bit of relaxing swimming and chilling.

Afterwards I had the fun of packing, because I needed to get it done today as I have to check out tomorrow. And my airport transfer is gonna come just in the evening, so I needed to really do some proper planning on what I needed in the backpack and what I can pack into my suitcase.

Highlight of the day was dinner with its amazing desserts – so amazing, I have no idea how to survive without those when I will be back home. Totally fell in love with those…nothing will ever beat them. And at least my appetite was back in full bloom – guess I could´ve been eating and eating and eatig tonight. Hopeless case xD