Run: B2Run Hamburg (23.05.2018 )

No, my company did unfortunately not participate in that, though it would´ve been really cool – so I had to look for another team to be part of. And on Facebook I found out that the Runner´s Point Running Club was raffling places in their team – and I managed to snap one of those places!

So right after work I hurried up to get to the train to get to the Volksparkstadion in time to pick up my starting number – it was terribly stressful, and already during the daytime I had forgotten to be drinking properly. And there was sunshine. Much sunshine. I like sunshine, don´t get me wrong, but sometimes it´s contraproductive. And that´s been the case today.

I kinda ditched my normal warm-up, I´ve been chatting away and then had to queue extremely long for the toilet – and then it´s been time to team up and go to the starting line. But I thought that it wouldn´t be too bad – and was soon learning that I was totally wrong.

The first few kilometres I was still able to more or less keep up with the team´s pace of around 6:60min/km, but then they just ran off – and I was left behind simply because the cramps in my left leg just made it so terribly hard to keep running. The dusty air and unstable ground didn´t make it easier, but pulling through was what actually counted for me on this short distance of not even 6km.

The finish line was in the Volksparkstadion – which was really cool to run into the stadium…even though it´s been the wrong club´s stadium, it was a goosebumps feeling!

And I felt as done as I usually feel after more than 10km of running, so no good day and paying the price for the lack of warming up. – also the days after I had to pay that price.

But I enjoyed the mood and met many nice people – and that´s what counts the most! … and I got a medal for my currently permanently and finally growing collection haha