Half Marathon – Training Weeks 32 & 33

Week 32 – 14.05.2018 – 20.05.2018

It´s tough to really get back into working out and running again. My body is still on vacation mode, and doesn´t want to leave this mode. Damn.

I really thought that I would be totally fit because of relaxing so much and everything. Instead I feel like a sloth that has never even considered moving fast.

My first run felt like I had never been running before, and to not torture my head and motivation even more, I went to workout at gym next, to slowly get back into it. I haven´t felt so unfit what feels like ages. Gained weight, didn´t work out, feel exhausted. Nope, no good mix.

Ended the week with yet another smaller run, but my heart rate went nuts, up and down and up and down and…nope, I am not back at it yet.


Week 33 – 21.05.2018 – 27.05.2018

Started off the week with my first long run afte rthe vacation – 9km, an hour – I am getting back at it, my hert rate was more normal than before, and I felt much better even though my feet felt swollen in my shoes which was not too comfy.

Two more runs – and then two runs with time check and stuff. First the B2B run (5,7km) without warming up and thus suffering and struggling a lot – totally smart and believe me, I have learnt my lesson more than I had wanted to. I will never again even only attempt to run without any proper warm-up, no excuses, nothing.

And because the run brought so much pain in my muscles with it, I couldn´t exactly do any more training runs until the Wandsetal run of 15km. And that run went surprisingly well – despite allergy issues, and the sun being there all of a sudden after a rather fresh start. New personal bets once again and this time with feeling really well and warmed up.

It´s overall going well, though I notice that my head is getting tired. It´s planning my runs every week and discipline and everything, of course I enjoy my runs but doing a few less would be nice. With less pressure and everything.