Run: BKK Mobil Oil Run Fun Day (03.06.2018)

I woke up after a 6 days week due to some additional education, and felt anything but not up for it or fit. Yesterday I still had stomach pains, they were luckily gone but I was tired and exhausted and to be honest – I had hoped that it was raining so I could just wake up and ditch the run. But no, it was just grey, no rain. Nothing. Damn!

So I packed up my few things, got dressed in my running outfit and started my 1h fun time aka time on public transport to get to the start. I as tired, and also the engery booster I took didn´t help much. I didn´t feel it. Not the tiniest thing – but damn, I had paid for it and maybe it was gonna be fun in the end!

At least I was there early enough to not need to rush – no queue for picking up my starting number and no queue for getting rid off my bag after I had warmed up and zoomed out a bit with my music. I saw a couple of known faces but…couldn´t bother to be social, I did my thing – stretching, warm up exercises, a bit of running to get going. Worked well, I felt at least warm – until the start was postponed and I started to get more and more cold again. Annoying.

I was happy when it started, and annoyed that they chose a route where it was on the first kilometre pretty much impossible to run the own pace, simply because the path was too narrow. And during kilometre 2 I started having pain in my left ankle, had to stop, had to re-stretch and slow down. It didn´t feel good, every step was like a struggle – and it didn´t get any better anymore, every kilometre was a pain in my legs.

Plus, the route was not too nice – a lot running on the street or next to it with cars passing by – hello asthmatic problems, hello lung, I am sorry I am doing this to you. Instead of using the beautiful possible paths, we ran a route that was not nice at all and didn´t feel like fun at all. The last 2 kilometres I spent with another random runner, and pushed him on the ast metres to keep going – because stopping is no option, no matter how shitty it is going.

So the round in the Jahnkampfbahn I tried to mobilize my last bits of energy, and to push through at least and it hurt and hurt and hurt but…felt good. And then it was done. With a pace of 6:30min/km – slower than on the 15km race, and that really made me upset. The whole fact about it having felt like torture and like a massive thing to get done made me frustrated. I got something to drink and to eat and then hopped onto the bus to get home.

In the end all that counted was that I pushed through and finished it – nothing more and nothing less.


Nice medal, nice event as such because it felt rather well organized but the path we were running was not one of my taste.

Yes, I could have checked the route before signing up but with a nice park just around the corner around there I kinda expected that we´d be making use of this all. But nope.

So I am not really sure if I will be part of this next year again or will rather run another race.