Half Marathon – Training Weeks 34 & 35

Week 34 – 28.05.2018 – 03.06.2018

Let´s be honest – not only was I tired, exhausted and worn out, but also my mind was just so not willing to get me going for a run before my Thursday run of 5km. My legs were sore from my personal best, the high-feeling was there but still. The couch was more tempting instead. But at least I also went swimming a bit, so let´s count this as an alternative training 😉 Especially in these temperatures it´s far more fun than running ^^

Sunday – fun run day and running 10km. Not sure of it was really fun, but it was a race and good for training purposes and a good exercise for the head to keep my body pulling through and not giving in. But somehow my legs and my body felt so terribly tired, it all started after the amazing 15km race in personal best…from then on, my legs seem to get slower and slower instead of more steady…

Week 35 – 04.06.2018 – 10.06.2018

and a run in nearly race pace of 06:30min/km – just 5km, and a lot of struggling, but at least I managed to be running this pace which kinda surprised me. My head is more and more struggling and blocking my body, and everything seems to be a fight – even those hilarious 5km. And I have no idea what is wrong and why this all is happening.

Instead of Friday and because I felt like needing to free my mind, I did another 5km on Thursday – a relaxed run, just below 7min/km, and it felt good somehow even though fighting emotions and running don´t go well together at times. Plus, all the pollen shit really makes my lung struggle more and more. I need to think about how to get this fixed in the future…

Well, I had that plan to run 10km on Sunday – but let´s be honest: a terrible pace, a lot of frustration and 8km later I gave up and was happy to be home. Nothing worked, my head was totally blocked, my muscles blocked and I just couldn´t manage to really be running properly. I was back to old pace from last year, all of a sudden. Frustration, desperation, breathing problems and a spinning mind were what was left. And the thought about simply canceling the half marathon.