Half Marathon – Training Week 36

I started off into the week with being exhausted, and just on Wednesday (13.06.2018) I got going with a session at gym, a lot of cardio and a bit of stretching and weights. I really needed to do something else than just running, see something else, stimulate the mind a bit. And I felt refreshed also mind-wise!

On Thursday (14.06.2018) I did my first 5km run – I had started to take some medicine the evening before so I was a bit worried that it might come with negative consequences for my running. But the opposite was the case – I felt good, and was able to run my race pace as average time –  after the first 2 km were at around 6:00min/km, I had to slow down, had overestimated my current power. But with this outlook, some positive feels are back again that I will be fully back on track in time for the half marathon!

I hadn´t planned to go running on Friday (15.06.2018) already again, but as my stress level had been rising, I grabbed my shoes and went for another 5km run. At the start it felt good and my heart rate was extremely low, and then did a jump up. Wtf was going on? But at least it felt rather good, just the weather somehow is odd – I cannot put it into words, but it felt like it was too humid. But I am just having a problematic body.

Last but not least and finishing off the week – Sunday (17.0.2018) is runday! I still had my 10km run left and totally didn´t feel motivated to get this going. The weather wasn´t promising either, and I was expecting rain. And was blessed with humid air and a bio weather that made you wonder why you started running in the first place. The firdst 3-3,5km were bloody hell and I thought about quitting, nothing worked, legs hurt, brain said no. And then I took a break, 2min with closed eyes, refocus, gain will power, get going. And it worked like a charm – before I had an average pace of <7min/km, the final pace was nearly race pace with 06:37min/km. Still surprised how something had turned the switch there…