Cooking: Zucchini-pancakes with tomato salad

Cooking book: the app “Yazio”
Publisher: n/a

Estimated time:  15min
Actual time:  20min

Difficulty: 1/10
Amount: For 1 person
Price per person: ~2€

Alrighty, the initial recipe from the app comes without the little tomato salad – but just the “pancakes” would´ve been a tad boring so I added some tomatos with a dressing mix including the Asian salad mix from Just Spices. Yes, I like it spicy, that´s why I not only used this dressing but also added chili to the zucchini-onion-egg-parmesan mix, and not only pepper.

Generall the preparation was really easy, even though it´s annoying to be rasping the zucchini and especially the onion. Before you ask: yes, it did make me cry. But it´s been worth it. The rest was easy – adding the eggs and the parmesan cheese, mix it, put it into the pan and fry it.

For me, this is a perfect food for summer – it´s light, healthy and something easily prepared. A “must do again” for me!