Concert: Nothing More in Hamburg (22.06.2018)

No, this is not the official report, this is my little report on the day. Because I feel like writing it now instead of editing photos – which is the thing I dread most after each and every concert where I attended as a press-person. Especially when it is so small venues like the Headcrash in Hamburg, with limited lights and thus a tougher time whilst photographing and even tougher time when needing to edit the photos.

And somehow…I am still sorting thoughts whilst typing this, it´s this weird day-after-concert feeling, this odd feeling, this feeling when the adrenaline is gone and you sit there and everything just seems to be crashing.

Anyways, it´s been one of the mornings where it´s been tough for me to get out of bed – I simply couldn´t. But I had to, as I had promised to be cooking for Nothing More. And if I promised something, I will stick to it. The cooking was okay, but once I had to get the car2go, my mind started to go nuts and everything became overly stressful – in the end it all worked, but I was stressed anyways. Welcome to the madness in my mind ;))

I was happy when I was at the venue and was able to deliver the food – sucked that the venue also did some catering, but ah well, doesn´t matter 😀 Communication is the key, and sometimes that key is lost on the way hahaha I had actually expected to be kicked out of the venue right afterwards, but the band wasn´t even there and I got along with the venue staff, so I ended up hanging out there right away until doors open. It was fun, and it took away the stress and anxiety in my head. I became pretty calm, which was a nice thing. Had some pizza, some non-alcoholic drinks, a lot of laughs…

And then got my wristlet as photopass, and the “okay” to photograph the whole show again and not just the first three songs. So it´s been like last year. Frontrow, same spot, just with more people filling the venue. It was sold out, around 280 folks in there, no air, nothing. I was already sweated when the supportband had finished their set. To be honest – not my cup of tea. I felt sorry for the band because the crowd really wasn´t too interested.

The Nothing More show then was probably the second sweatiest show I ever experienced – the most sweaty one was Halestorm at Logo here in Hamburg, where the watr was dripping from the low ceiling. Here, you were “just” sweating and having the sweat run down your body as if you had rivers right there. It was, to say the least, disgusting. But that´s something you figure out just when you think about it later on, and not during the show.

I enjoyed every second of the show, and it was good to hear “Jenny” again – a song that always breaks me to pieces to build me up again when I am on my lowest. And it worked like a charme again. Also “Don´t stop” was very important to me – because it´s one of my two main tarcks of my half marathon preparation and training, a song that always pushed me, always kicked my ass when I wanted to just quit it and give in. Having my half marathon coming up in 8 fucking days I had to hear it. The setlist was pretty much the same like last time I think, but that didn´t matter – I had a blast anyways, though people/fan bitching “put your hair together, it´s always in my face” is like the most hilarious thing I ever heard at a fucking rockshow! I was sweating, rocking out, taking photos, singing along, crying…

And I was surprised that I walked out of the show without bruises, without any injuries or alike – last time I was cripple afterwards, this time I was alive! And had a great time chatting with the guys, so down to earth – this is how I like “my” musicians. Like folks from next door, not acting like they´d be something better. It´s been a nice end of that night  – went home with a lot of thanks for the food and a lot of good luck wishes for my half marathon. And feeling better.