Half Marathon – Training Week 37

Second last week in – and the nervousity starts to be creeping up onto me to be honest.

I started the week on Monday (18.06.2018) with going to gym again, especially since I had a 10km run last so I wanted to relax my legs and focus more on arms and shoulders. I did some biking and then weights, and it felt really well, I felt fit and strong. And then the sore muscles hit harder than I had expected.

On Tuesday (19.06.2018) it was then time for a first 5km run – it was somehow first cold, windy and partially rainy, and then it became humid warm.  Maybe I chose th wrong route, I am not sure, really. But again I struggled with the first kilometres – and then starting at kilometre 3 it became better again. I had a run in near-race-pace, and it was good for my ego to see I am back to stable runs again!

Thursday (21.06.2018) – another 5km run in race pace. It has cooled down – like, really. 13°C, windy, rainy and I was dressed not warm enough and felt rather cold during the whole damned run. My body didn´t really manage with the cold weather, and I wished I had put on my warming oil before starting. But at least I now know that my body can also kinda handle weather changes.

Friday was the Nothing More show, and on Saturday was another rest day because of the show. So Sunday (24.06.2018) was the last run day of 5km of the week – in just as cold temperatures, but this time properly dressed. Long sleeved shirt and running jacket and beanie. Felt like November already, but the run was okay – 2km in 6min/km pace, so faster than race pace, and then a slow and relaxing end of the run.

Nervousity is hitting hard today – one week to go. Next Sunday, 01.07.2018, will be THE day to see if al the hard work during the past months has paid off…