Cooking: Spinach-mozzarella filled chicken breast

Cooking book: the app “Yazio”
Publisher: n/a

Estimated time:  30min
Actual time:  40min

Difficulty: 1/10
Amount: For 1 person
Price per person: ~2€

Sometimes there´s recipes where you wonder why you didn´t get to do those before – or didn´t think about it yourself because they´re easy, quick and tasty. This dish clearly is one of those!

Not many ingredients and it´s done – the basic recipe is just the filled chicken breast, but I added some pasta and made a salad of some leftover spinach and some tomatos to stock it all up. And it fit together just perfectly fine, and was filling meal. But maybe nothing for a really hot day, as the mozzarella cheese makes the dish a bit heavy for one or the other person maybe.

Overall opinion? I will do it again. Very soon. Very very soon!