Let´s go, vacations! (02. & 03.07.2018)

So, what have I done after m half-marathon, except for successfully ditching working out and running?

Yep, I´ve been on the road again – visiting my mum and my stepdad in Southern Germany. The good part? They were in Hamburg to cheer on me anyways, so I was able to go by car on Monday (02.07.2018). I was still dead tired and felt stomach sick and all exhausted, so sitting in the back of the car and napping away was good for me – except that my legs did not appreciate to need to hold still instead of getting shook out. Of course we did breaks, but still.

My legs hurt, and my whole body seemed like it was rebelling against pure existance. And the car ride was long. No surprise when you need to cover 800km, and it´s holiday season and construction work sites (as always actually). And I was really happy when we arrived, surrounded by nature and silence. And then pretty muh dropped into bed, totally dead – especially since I haven´t had slept well at all the night after my half marathon.

Tuesday (03.07.2018) then was a 100% rest-day. I slept in, and finally slept well and was able to regain my power. When I woke up, my legs felt good – unless I had to walk down stairs. And there´s been quite some stairs in the house…torture. Walking up the stairs wasn´t much of a problem but downstairs…

So yeah, I started the day with grabbing some currants from the garden and sitting in the sunshine right in the garden. This was a welcoming of my taste, really. Then had breakfast, unpacked and later on did grocery shopping with my stepdad.

And then: reading, listening to music and just enjoying the view into the garden and not doing anything for once. Haven´t done that for ages.

And you know what my highlight was? SAUNA! In my bathroom I had a sauna, and take a guess who loved it? Yep, me! I spent the afternoon/evening with sauna sessions, enjoying the fresh air outside and a cold cider on top 😉 That´s what I call perfect regeneration for body and mind.