It´s all about the mountains (04.07. & 05.07.2018)

…and since everyone always says that you gotta start small, that´s what I also did together with my mum on Wednesday (04.07.2018). But first, my stepdad and I went to Weilheim – whilst he did his things, I ended up with a massive ice cream – it was really like a proper meal for lunch, and just right in the sunny and warm weather. Just that an hour later, it had rained and water was standing in the streets. It´s really crazy how quickly the weather is changing at times, you never know what comes next.

In the afternoon then my mum and I started our walk up to the church on top of the Hoher Peißenberg, the local mountain right behind my parent´s house. And after already a couple of metres I had to face one fact: I was far away from having finished with my regeneration phase. My legs started hurting again and I started finding all muscles  that were not yet fit again. And we took the steeper way up and up and up again  – it was no even ground so you also had to watch your steps. But I love nature, and despite the slight rain, I enjoyed it. The view down on the village, the fresh air and the walking, just as I enjoyed all the trees around.

On top of the mountain, there´s a little church…and actually an amazing view down the hill onto the village and to the big mountains close to the horizon – there was still a nice view, but without all the massive clouds it would have been even nicer!

The church was luckily open and after a little waiting, there was noone else around but my mum and me – it was lovely, I had some time to take all the photos I wanted – simply because I LOVE photographing churches. They have something so beautiful, though many of them are really overloaded with angels, golden and whatnot xD

The walk down was also nice again, though my shoes more and more were soaked and my legs were hurting pretty much. But it was a great time! And a great view!

And because we surived the little mountain, the next day (05.07.2018) was waiting with something bigger: Zugspitze!

You need to know one thing in advance – summer in Hohenpeißenberg was not at its best when I was there – sot it was sort of playing Russian roulette to decided on when we´d get up early and drive to Garmisch. And when we woke up, the weather was..well it was okay, but we really saw that it´s gonna be a close call if we will see anything on top of the mountain.

So when we arrived in Garmisch, we just arrive dperfectly in time to hop onto the train bringng us either to the close-to-the-top station or to the station where you can take their pretty new cable car. Actually it was planned to go up and take the short cable car, but as the clouds were already pulling up, we had to make a change. And that really was tough for me , because I am totally afraid of cable cars. I hate it. It makes me sweat when just thinking about it. But I made it and I was happy that it really wasn´t too crowded. And That view was just SO amazing. And I was more or less okay, until one of those places where it was swinging and from that point on I just wanted to get out of there.

When we were there, you already were able to see it´s been cloudy, really. And we used the time to walk around on the top there, and it´s been a great view, really. I just wish the clouds would have not been there, then it would have been breathtaking I guess. I actually also wanted to go up to the summit cross, but climbing up there…no, no chance. That was just too much for me, I dropped the idea, and it´s been better that way I think. You didn´t have much of a view from up there anymore, because it´s been all cloudy. You literally stood in front of a fluffy white wall – so we went to have a snack and then took the train and little gondola down. The ride was unspectacular mostly, but since it´s been cloudy you didn´t miss much anyways.

when we arrived at the parking lot again, you already heard thunder and lightning…so we had a really good timing!

Even though I had to overcome my fears, it was a trip I really enjoyed a lot – I love seeing new places! And I love the mountains, no doubts.