Family time is quality time (06.07. & 07.07.2018)

Rest is for the weak – once I am down south, I also have family that wants to see me – which is understandable, looking at how rarely I am coming there.

On Friday (06.07.2018) I started the day with again some little time in the garden and with fresh currants for breakfast – I love that so much, really! And then we went to Nördlingen, homebase for me as I´ve spent a lot of time there in my childhood. Good old times. This times though it´s been about visiting the cemetery.

It´s been about time and I had promised that I will go there once I am close by again. And to be honest – it´s been a tough time for me, it keeps on hitting me. The head knows my relatives are dead, the heart still struggles…sometimes it just takes a bit longer I suppose.

Afterwards went to visit one of my aunts who I hadn´t seen for literal ages…and bäääm it´s been late evening and my mum and I still had to get back. It all started with heavy rains where you hardly saw a thing, and then continued with possibly cows on the streets as a warning – and we even saw them being chased in the fields xD

So it was a drive back qith quite some laughter – but once home, everyone was just tired!

Saturday (07.07.2018), and my last full day here in the South- and time to check out yet another town! This time with my mum, stepdad and my aunt we went to see Schongau. They have a really nice city wall, but finding a way to get up there – nearly hopeless case. Especially since it would be useless anyways, since you cannot walk around there since it´s been interrupted by houses and such. Would´ve been amazing to walk around whole Schongau in one bit and not just small path that offered no really nice view in the end.

But well, you can say you did it hahaha It´s a really nice town, but feels really rural still – no matter if you have everything around what you might need. at least we found a nice café to have some ice cream (aka too much ice cream) and rest before doing a little more of walking in the sunshine. Thank god the weather was good, so the walking was nice and relaxing!

In the evening we went to have dinner at a Croatian restaurant – a good amount of tasty food in a cozy restaurant with a charming owner. It was a nice end of the day before going back to Hohenpeißenberg and me having a longer walk in the sunset and nice hot bath to relax from all the walking and everything.