After vacation comes…

…a blood poisoning. Well, first came a walk close to the Ammer on the day when I left Southern Germany. In the morning my tepdad and I still went for a walk because it was sunny and warm and really great weather to go into nature. The mosquito liked it, too – and some jumped right onto me and already before being on the train I noticed that it started swelling. And itching badly.

I tried to not scratch, but maybe did somewhen – no surprise if you´re sitting on the train for like 8-9 hours (or was it even more?) and it was warm…but hell, at least I was lucky enough for have a first class ticket. I had no idea that back when I booked it, I had chosen a first class ticket…jackpot! Because the train was really really full – just not the first class hahaha

On Sunday in the evening I was then finally home, and on Monday still went for a run but didn´t really feel well because the swelling on my leg was just growing and it was hot and hurting…

So I went to the doctor with the “ir´s probably again a damned strong allergic reaction again” – and came out with the knowledge that it was a starting/light sepsis already. And I was shocked and speechless. And kinda scared.

But equipped with a really strong penicillin that I had to take every day, with the tape changes every day…I felt like I spent more time at the doctor´s than at home. I know, exaggerated, but really annoying.

Not allowed to do any sports for 1,5 weeks, feeling weak and sick…not really great, it´s been an exhausting time especially mentally because I am so used to doing sports for 3-4 times. And then…nothig for the second week in a row.

And to be honest, right now I am still not back to 100% when it comes to feeling/being fit, but I am on a good way. My leg looks rather normal again, but I am still easily exhausted and when running I felt the weakness in my legs still.