Weightloss? Body change?

Weightloss? What is that? Can I eat that? Body change? Mirror, hello?

The answer is “If you eat it, it won´t happen”. Let´s be honest, during my half-marathon training I wasn´t focussing on weightloss, rather on building up the strength that I needed for my 4 times a week sports time. I was able to eat a lot, because I burned a lot of calories – and now I don´t anymore.

So even during my half-marathon training, I gained a bit of weight, but I felt very good with it because it didn´t feel like it was unnecessary weight, but rather one that fueled me. But now that I am down to working out 3 times a week and far less than before, I struggle – with eating. Because I cannot eat like I used to eat during the past 9 months anymore, I need to cut down and everything feels extra difficult.

But even when sticking to my counting calories plan, and am in negative calorie intake, my weight currently doesn´t drop at all. It rather went up again, and a bit more up again and I really have no idea. No extra sugar intake, nothing. I drink like I always do, I think. No idea what is going on.

But one thing is for sure – that I wanna be sub 70kg at the end of the year. Makes 5 months to still lose 6kg and quite frankly, I have no idea at all how to really get this going. Especially not if it continues like it´s been like in July.

If I at least would see proper changes to my body it would be upcheering – but nothing. Especially my belly area needs a lot of work, because it feels like everything around my belly is changing but that shit area doesn´t change at all and remains the same wobbly part of my body.  I work on so many parts of my body, but I really don´t see changes, or maybe I am just too blind because I see my body every damn day.

So many things that I gotta work on and get going again…and maybe find new ways to stimulate my muscles and get my body cooperate more with me again. Let´s see how it will go, maybe with all the coming busy times I will forget eating and then lose weight hahaha