Wind of change

Es ist Zeit
Zeit, aufzuwachen
Zeit, die Augen aufzumachen
Zeit, ich nehm‘ mein Herz, ich nehm‘ mein Herz in meine Hand
Ja es ist Zeit
Zeit, aufzustehen
Zeit, ein‘ and’ren Weg zu gehen
Zeit, ich nehm‘ mein Herz und werfe es zum Horizont
Und schreie: Flieg!
[“Herz durch die Wand” – Versengold]

These lyrics (sorry, I won´t translate them) by Versengold probably describe quite well what this first part of the announcement is about…

Because: it´s about CHANGE! Yes, my life has always been crazy, and probably will continue to be like that.

So yeah, changes: NEW JOB from December on! I will be leaving my current Junior Project Manager role at a digital agency here in Hamburg and will join the E-commerce team of a fashion brand, and work there as a project manager again. So job wise I will go more technical again, from agency to “normal” company.

If it´s the right decision, I will see – I don´t know and leaving amazing people behind won´t be easy, but I gotta listen to my heart!

But that´s not all. Yet.

Ade, mein Lieb, ade mein tröstend Schoß. Mich rief die See, grausam und gnadenlos.
Mein Lieb, o weh! Auf in den Wind.
Mein Lieb, ade, aus deinen Armen, rief mich die See und ich deinen Namen.
Mein Lieb, o weh! Auf in den Wind!
[“Auf in den Wind” – Versengold]

And with this new job, comes another change. After 4,5 years I will be leaving Hamburg, the city that has been a great home to me for all those years. But it´s become too big for me, and it´s time to leave. Time for a NEW CITY.

And because of my job I had the choice between two cities – either Oldenburg or Wilhelmshaven, as my work place is located right in the middle of those two in a smaller town (no, not planning on moving there). But as I fell in love with Wilhelmshaven right when I was there in spring, and because it has the sea, I will be moving to Wilhelmshaven. My heart decided that.

I have never been anyone who is too tied to a certain place, because good friendships surive that, and everything else that doesn´t survive it – well, no can do. And I am so looing forward to a new view, a new place, new things to discover…