Run: Tough Mudder 5k Hamburg (28.07.2018)

Before the run!

Tough Mudder  – first association is water, mud and being totally all muddy and done afterwards. And then the “City version” came – for those that are seemingly afraid of water and/or mud. City lifestyle meets Tough Mudder, and then it´s the 5km version.

5km, 10 obstacles (that are easier than the big original ones). The rest stays the same – noone is left behind, and it´s not about time but also about the fun and simply getting through.

I started alone again – I know I always find people, so, all good. And since I arrived earlier, I also started earlier than I actually had my starting time. It was already hot outside and the sun was burning, so no chance for me to still wait.

The warmup was okay, I was already sweated then but at least my muscles were okish warmed up. My feet though were not up for it. Why? They were used to my normal running shoes with the special inlays, and here I was with my old running shoes without proper inlays, so my ankled hurts. And the heat was not made for running, but I gave my best.

It started with the “Giant A-Hole” – climb up and over and down again with a net. And to be honest, I simply love such obstacles. Easy and fun, I could do that again and again. The little child in me awakens every time.

It continues after a few metres with “Hangover” – a row of wooden walls that are not straight but bent towards you. Second try and with some struggles I made it. I really gotta work on my jumping power and generally also my arms and shoulders…noticed that once again.

Then it continues with running. And more running. Through the stables, part 1. Here and there and anoter round …jeeez. It was anoying, sorry folks. But you cannot impress me with that at all.

The “Get low”, where you had to crawl underneath a “cage” like net with barbwirse on top was funny. Why? Because the barbwire didn´t even get any close to you body. At least it didn´t for me though I didn´t even get down that much.

After the run

Then some more running and “Schubkarre” with a team partner – skipped that because everyone around had their mates and I wasn´t keen on waiting in the bloody heat.  And then came…running. A lot of running. An no obstacles. Here around and there around and around this corner and heeey, surprise, still no obstacle around the next corner. Other OCR companies clearly do it better.

Carrying a mate in “Clean and Jerk” was okay, quick and easy, and better than needing to run past the pond – instead of swimming through it. And before you ask – yes, you can easily swim through there, I did that last year with Muddy Angel. And wth these temperatures, a swim there would be amazing. But nope.

Instead it continued with even more running and running and running. I really don´t understad why they did not spread out the obstacles more. It would´ve been far more fun and would´ve been far better. Crawling under a net that others had to hold tight with “Beifang” was nice, no real obstacle though. But better than plain running.

“Berlin Walls”…or: how to twust your knees after the first of the walls. So I skipped the second, didn´t feel like risking anything. Still annoyed the hell out of me to be honest.

“Hangout” was a total fail for me – I´m no good monkey at all, so getting from one ring to the other generally is tough for me, but then the rings were so high that I had to already jump up quite a bit to even grab the first one…didn´t get far, but that was no surprise. Grip strength? Nope.

A few wlittle bruises

Then it was a small version of “Everest” – I loved it. You had good grip on there, and it was easy to get up there. And fun. Would´ve loved to do it again and again hahaha

Whilst during the Tough Mudder Half I injured myself at the “Pyramid Scheme”, here it was a little version of it and rather easy to get up on top.

And then a last little sprint into the finish and you were done after around 45minutes and a lot of sweat, dust and…no mud!

Tough DUSTer would probably be the more appropriate name for it and I really hope they add water and mud for next year´s version if there is gonna be one. If they add water obstacles, I might be in again. Otherwise: I am not sure.